There is a world first smart animating backpack that will allow you to control its appearance directly from your smart phone, the electronic accessory is the work of Pix Inc.

Credit Pix

You can easily and quickly control PIX’s appearance using the mobile app via Bluetooth connection. The wearer can create their own designs, which is an excellent bonus for the more creative users. PIX is compatible with any 2A output & USB Type-A power bank. A 20,000mAh power bank, which will power PIX for about 12 hours, is also available for purchase.

Available in four different colours: grey, yellow, purple or blue, the backpack has several separate compartments for ample storage space for things like a laptop, tablet and other belongings. You can grab one you can do so through their Kickstarter campaign. Prices start from $199.00. For that amount, you will receive one PIX backpack for almost 25% off the future retail price., with 25 days left to go.