TechGadgetsReview: Boxer Interactive AI Robot from Spin Master

Review: Boxer Interactive AI Robot from Spin Master


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Boxer from Spin Master (Amazon £79.99) features a lively personality with dynamic moods that evolve over time. He has tons of play right out of the box with his included game cards, ball accessory, and IR remote control as well as interactivity through gesture, sound, and touch controls.

The Boxer app will allow for extended play with additional games that can be unlocked the more you play as well as video tutorials that teach users how to interact with Boxer to his full potential.

• AI Robot
• 10 game activating feature cards
• IR remote control
• interactive ball accessory
• USB charging cable

Robots are a great way to capture children’s attention and teach them. The robots that are being used in classrooms may not shoot lasers, but they are quickly gaining popularity and a great tool to use. On another note, robotics can be a fun way to push your children towards STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects. While there are many cool robots currently on the market, there’s one that is coming out that your children may be interested in – it’s called Boxer.

The Boxer has some pretty cool tech features, but his personality is something that really stands out from the crowd …his personality is really cool. He has sensors on his sides, which make it so that he can easily follow your hand while in “follow me” mode.

Along with being able to follow your hand, he also comes with a handy remote control that will allow you to take control of him. From there, the user can drive him around, race against their friends. Yes, I just said racing …up to three of these robots will be able to race together, so the robots will be able to interact with one another.


The robots also have different games that you can play – There are a total of 10 games. One of the games involves battling each other, which is neat. There’s also a tank game where they kind of shoot at each other using the trick shots that are on the remote. If one gets hit, it’ll fall over, which is an indicator that it has been hit.

It comes with a game activation feature card – on the card, there are barcodes. Set the card on the table with the bot in front of it, the bot will automatically scan over it and activate the game on the card.

The little ones are going to get a kick out of watching him do some really cool tricks, like wheelies. When you pick him up and shake him, he will get very dizzy, which becomes obvious when you set him back down.

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