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The Gardens Between Buds on Consoles, PC, Mac Sept. 20


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The Gardens Between, an adventure puzzler from The Voxel Agents in which players manipulate time to guide two best friends through a surreal world of mysterious garden islands, will come out Sept. 20 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam and Mac App Store.

Follow Arina and Frendt as they venture into a world of reality-warping island gardens rooted in nostalgia. Manipulate time’s flow and help the friends revisit childhood memories by solving puzzles. Follow the duo as they experience an emotional journey revisiting the precious moments they’ve shared together.

Their shared experiences light the way as they uncover objects and situations that form the foundations of their friendship. Follow the duo as they relive the emotional journey of their past, cherishing the memories they’ve built together and understanding what must come to an end.

“It’s our hope that players are not only touched by the story of Arina and Frendt, but that they take time to remember their own special relationships growing up,” says Simon Joslin, co-founder of The Voxel Agents. “While so many of the objects featured in the gardens are from our own childhoods, we hope our audience will relate and recall a time when friendship meant everything.” 

Pre-orders for The Gardens Between on Nintendo Switch and Mac App Store will be open today by 6 a.m. PT / 3 p.m. CEST for $19.99.

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