The Nintendo Switch has proven to be an excellent source of income for publishers that have ported their games since its launch. So it’s no wonder that Bossa Studios is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its popular Surgeon Simulator games with a Nintendo Switch release.

Surgeon Simulator CPR (Co-op Play Ready) will follow the trials and tribulations of Nigel Burke, a trainee surgeon with a rather unique set of tools at his disposal, as he attempts to perform high risk operations in various locations. It will certainly be interesting to try to do an operation in space. Fans and new players can expect the game’s notorious steep difficulty curve to remain the same with this release.

As expected, Surgeon Simulator will take full advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s unique functionalities. For example, snapping out the Joy-Con controller will make it possible to quickly enable motion controls for those times when precision is key. The HD Rumble function will also make it possible to use the likes of hammers and buzzsaws in new and interesting ways.

The use of the two Joy-Con controllers will also make it very easy for a second player to jump in at any time.

All the operations from the original game will be included and players can expect some additional new ones, such as those included in rather mysteriously named Alien Autopsy mode.

Nintendo Switch owners should be able to start performing some risky operations in Surgeon Simulator CPR at some point this Autumn.