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Oreo for Honor 7X with EMUI 8 and Face Unlock rolling out from today!


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Honor has today announced that the latest user interface upgrade, EMUI 8.0, will start to become available on the Honor 7X smartphone, along with the face unlock function, from today.

EMUI 8.0 brings a series of features including quick shortcut menus, usage-based performance optimisation and simplified phone settings that greatly enhance the functionality and user experience of the Honor 7X. The face unlock function allows phone owners to unlock their phone instantly by scanning a recognised user’s face.

The Honor 7X line is unrivaled in delivering the most premium smartphone features and hardware at a competitive price, these updates will help to optimise the user experience further.

Honor recruited help from its community of Honor 7X owners for beta tests in March, with 561 people involved from Western European regions to help optimise the latest updates.

Key highlights of the EMUI 8.0 update include:

Quick shortcut menus from app icons – quickly access specific features in an app by holding the icon and choosing from the app shortcut menu. A user can even drag a desired feature out of the pop-up menu to create a new shortcut on the screen.
New floating navigation dock – With the newly added home screen shortcut, the floating navigation dock lets users navigate and operate their device from anywhere on the screen.
Updated Setting menu and Phone Manager – The redesigned Settings menu is clearer and more intuitive. The updated Phone Manager automatically optimises the system based on usage patterns, keeping the smartphone running at top performance all the time.
Photo gallery recycle bin – Users can now restore photos and videos if they accidentally delete them. The Gallery in the new UI features a recycle bin which retains deleted photos and videos for 30 days.
Seamless LinkedIn integration – Contacts and Email in EMUI 8.0 let users sync the career details of their LinkedIn contacts, making it faster and easier to manage contacts across platforms.
Link up two Bluetooth devices – Smartphones are now able to connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, boosting mobile experience and fun.
“The latest EMUI 8.0 upgrade and face unlock function show our dedication to delivering the latest mobile technology features at exceptional value to our users. The EMUI 8.0 update makes the Honor 7X even easier to use, while the face unlock function is a handy and hands-free way to quickly unlock your phone without the need for a PIN, all helping to make people’s lives easier whether they are on the go or relaxing,” said George Zhao, President of Honor.

The roll-out process for the new EMUI 8.0 and face unlock features for Honor 7X users will start from today and will continue over the next two weeks.

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