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OnePlus launches improved trade-in program


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The OnePlus Community is more passionate than ever, with loyal long-term users who upgrade their device regularly to have the latest OnePlus flagship.

The company has listened to calls for an easier way to upgrade and to help introduce friends to OnePlus, launching an improved trade-in program, which offers above market value for trade-ins for a wide range of smartphones.

As an extra reward, prices on OnePlus 3 or newer devices will be even more competitive with a time-limited offer until the end of May. As an example, by trading-in a OnePlus 3 or 3T in good condition users can now receive up to £190.

The OnePlus 6 is built around The Speed You Need, and OnePlus users who act fast and trade-in their OnePlus 3 or 3T before the end of May will receive a bonus giving them a total of £205 towards their new OnePlus 6.

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus said, “We involved the Community since we began OnePlus and we’re always looking for new ways to reward our users. The value of smartphone trade-ins can change over time, and we’ve ensured we’ll always offer competitive trade-ins. Our Community have been on an incredible journey with us already and we’re looking forward to launching the OnePlus 6 with them.”

Handset Spec Trade-in price (good condition, excluding bonus) Trade-in price (functional condition, excluding bonus)
OnePlus 3 6GB RAM, 64GB €136 // £132 €100 // £88
OnePlus 3T 6GB RAM, 64GB €152 // £146 €117 // £102
OnePlus 3T 8GB RAM, 128GB €201 // £189 €159 // £139
OnePlus 5 6GB RAM, 64GB €155 // £149 €113 // £99
OnePlus 5 8GB RAM, 128GB €264 // £245 €208 // £182


Please note – monthly trade-in value will fluctuate according to market demand

With the launch of the highly anticipated OnePlus 6 coming on 16th May, the new trade-in program is open for OnePlus users to upgrade, and to help their friends make the right choice by trading in non-OnePlus handsets.

To find out more about the OnePlus trade-in program, simply visit

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