GamingReview: Netgear Nighthawk SX10 Pro Gaming Switch

Review: Netgear Nighthawk SX10 Pro Gaming Switch


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Do you have a need for a Gigabit gaming switch? If so, Netgear have the SX10 Pro Gaming Switch and here is our review.

The ultimate gaming experience just got faster. NETGEAR introduces the Nighthawk SX10 Pro Gaming Switch. 

Unleash your gaming potential with faster speeds, higher performance and best technology. At gaming conventions or LAN centers there are hundreds of devices trying to connect to the network. Even at home with multiple gaming consoles, 4K video streaming, and constant high-speed web surfing throughout the home, wireless networks are fully loaded and struggle to provide a reliable, lag-free connection. 

The SX10 Switch tackles this by providing 10G speeds, powerful & intuitive gaming dashboard, and Quality of Service (QoS). Its sleek design and easy set up will impress your friends. Gain the competitive edge with seamless screen time for more gaming victories. 


What’s in the box?

The box contains the SX10 Switch, power supply and some paperwork.

A Closer Look

Configuring the SX10

Setting up the SX10 is very simple – plug in your Ethernet cables and choose the way you want it to be configured – for example low latency gaming or high priority media streaming.

Everything can be configured via the web GUI, which as you can see below shows you a lot of information.

You can look at the status of each of the ports, which includes the speed and the LED colour, amongst others.

Talking of LED colours, you can choose to have the LEDs on or off, and change the colours, brightness, etc.

You can even run tests on the cables you are using.

And see statistics for each of the ports.

You can configure Quality of Service (QOS) manually or you can choose one of the present modes we mentioned earlier.

You can also configure VLANs if you so wish.

And various multicast settings can be tweaked.

You can also set up Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs) to combine multiple links into a logical link for a faster connection. Setting this up is simple.

There are lots of detailed statistics you can look at for each port.

You can even set power saving if you so wish.

Final Thoughts

The SX10 doesn’t look like your run of the mill switch – it looks sleek and sexy, which is exactly what Netgear were going for!

Setting up the SX10 was very simple, as described above – just connect an Ethernet cable from your router and then connect up your first games console and that is literally all you have to do!

All of the configuration for the router is handled via a webpage, and it’s all fairly intuitive what you can change and do, along with a whole bunch of statistics and information all easily accessible.

Using the real-time bandwidth usage statistics, can you easily identify and block out devices that are consuming more bandwidth than you want, or even set limits all with a single click!

There are two 10 Gigabit ports on the router than you can use if you have the network capability and setting up LAGs was very simple.

This is by far the best and fastest switch we have tested – if you are a gamer this is the switch for you!

The NETGEAR Nighthawk SX10 is available now priced around £250, and if you need a very good easy to configure gigabit router with loads of features then look no further than the SX10!

You can learn more from the Netgear website.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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