NewsNew UK Fintech start-up Flymble launches

New UK Fintech start-up Flymble launches


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New flight booking platform Flymble allows instant booking without the stress of having to have a lump sum of cash before you fly. The new user-friendly, super-fast tech travel platform is 16 times faster than any other booking website available. The entire booking process is simple and means you can complete a credit check in seconds and purchase a flight within minutes.

Differing to other payment schemes, Flymble doesn’t require travellers to pay for tickets in full before flying. With a small percentage payable up front, travellers then have the opportunity to choose to spread the cost of flights across three, six and up to 10 month instalments. Flymble believes travel should be as simple as everyday services – from Netflix to your iPhone bill – payable in instalments – why should travel be any different?

Transparent pricing and payment plans

As soon as you think about taking a trip, search for a flight on the Flymble website, fill in your details, pass a credit check which is carried out in a matter of seconds. There is a small service fee payable upfront as part of the initial down payment but then the price quoted at check-out is the price you pay with no additional costs added onto monthly repayments.

Says Henry Wynaendts, co-founder of Flymble, “Our mission is to make the joy of travelling accessible for all by re-inventing travel finance for everyone that is frustrated with, or doesn’t have access to, the traditional unfriendly and outdated banking system.”

Continues Vincent Hus, co-founder of Flymble, “We live in an instant society where everything is quicker and faster and we don’t see why the approach to booking travel should be any different. Flymble is at the heart of the emerging on-demand industry and we believe in a more transparent form of financing which offers ordinary people the opportunity to explore the world.”

If you want to take a trip but you need inspiration visit to see where we can take you next!

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