To celebrate the release of Despicable Me 3, VARTA has launched an exciting range of Minions-inspired lighting products which will delight any young Minions fan.

The Minions 3-D Bob Night Light emits a warm glow to help children fall asleep and has two power modes to provide an automatic shut-off after 30 minutes in high mode and after 60 minutes in low mode. It also has a convenient touch sensor on Bob’s pocket so children can operate the light on their own, as well as a rear slide switch for parents. Available from Amazon.

You can easily set the power and time of the light using the switch on the back.

Also included in the collection is the Minions Flashlight, available in pretty yellow and cool blue and is adorned with everyone’s favourite yellow characters; Bob, Kevin and Stuart. Robust and durable, the torches are specially designed for small hands with a large and easy to press on and off button. Available from Amazon.

For little adventurers, the Minions Head Light and Minions Lantern will keep you lit on your travels. The Minions Head Light provides an impressive 13 lumens with a comfortable weave head strap so you don’t lose your way at night. The Minions Lantern offers a powerful 38 lumens and built-in hook, allowing schemes to be planned late into the night, wherever you are! Available from Amazon.