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Hive announces there first Hive Camera for your smart home


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Today Hive, the UK smart connected home company backed by British Gas, has announced the Hive Camera, which will bring video to its family of smart devices for the first time.

With the new Hive Camera it enables users to monitor their home 24/7 wherever they are, using an accompanying mobile app. The device features motion and audio sensors that can be set to trigger motion and audio alerts, with automatic video recording also included.

The Hive Camera’s zoom function allows users to get a clearer view of what’s happening at home, with the added ability to trigger noises like a barking dog or alarm to discourage intruders.

In addition, a two-way audio feature allows users to communicate with family members through the camera, enabling parents to soothe a baby in distress, for example.

The Hive Camera will be available in the U.K. beginning 29th June for £129, and joins the growing family of Hive smart products, which now includes motion sensors, smart plugs, door sensors, and smart lights.

Hive Camera will also form part of Hive Home Check – a Hive monthly subscription package

Nina Bhatia, Managing Director, Centrica Connected Home, commented

“Hive Camera allows people to feel as if they’re at home even when they’re not — by seeing and hearing what’s happening through their smartphone, and participating in what’s going on in the home through audio, too. These are benefits customers have told us they want.”

Customers can expect further Hive products and services over the coming months, as Centrica continues to extend its smart home offering.

Hive Camera is the first new device to launch as part of the brand’s new campaign, Let’s Get Living. The Hive campaign is designed to showcase how smart home technology brings tangible benefits, allowing people to get more from their daily lives and make the most of special moments.

The Centrica Connected Home innovation pipeline for the rest of 2017 includes Hive Leak Sensor and Hive Active Hub.  Hive Leak Sensor monitors water flow in the home, while Hive Active Hub combines an intelligent audio sensor, able to monitor the home for significant sounds, with a more powerful hub in one device. These innovations will enable future services, such as alerting customers to a potential leak or a smoke alarm going off. Both Hive Leak Sensor and Hive Active Hub, along with a further extension to the Hive Camera portfolio, will be available from Autumn onwards.

The company also says it will soon launch a Hive Leak Sensor, which monitors domestic water supply, and the Hive Active Hub, a more advanced version of its existing Hub with an intelligent audio sensor.

Hive smart devices integrate with Amazon’s Echo speakers so users can dictate actions through Alexa

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