Gaming[email protected] Celebrates the Release of More than 500 Games...

[email protected] Celebrates the Release of More than 500 Games on Xbox One/Windows 10


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This month of releases for Xbox One has included console exclusive Beep Games Voodoo Vince: Remastered, console launch exclusives Thimbleweed Park from Terrible Toybox and Cities: Skylines Xbox One Edition from Paradox Interactive, and dozens of others, also just surpassed 500 games released through the [email protected] program.

This incredible milestone is not just for us at [email protected] and the independent game developer community; its a milestone for everyone who loves great games. In 2016 alone, tens of millions of people played an [email protected] title on Xbox One or Windows 10 whats more, those players spent more than a billion hours playing [email protected] games.We’ve seen some great titles recently, like Firewatch from Campo Santo, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime by Asteroid Base, and of course Inside by Playdead (a big winner from the recent British Academy Game Awards). And let’s not forget other fan favourites like Superhot team Superhot, Night School Studio’s Oxenfree, Hi-Rez Studio’s Smite, Pit People from The Behemoth, Studio Wildcards Ark: Survival Evolved, Wizards of the Coast’s Magic Duels: Origins, Roblox Corporations Roblox, The Molasses Flood’s Flame in the Flood, Spotlightor Interactives Candleman, ToyLogics Happy Wars, Other Ocean’s #IDARB, and many more.
With more than 2000 studios having dev kits in hand, more than 1000 games currently in development, and Project Scorpio coming later this year (which I can’t wait for), the future is bright for both the gaming community and [email protected] program. With an incredible slate of hotly anticipated [email protected] games on the horizon including the hotly-anticipated Xbox One exclusive Cuphead from StudioMDHR, and console launch exclusives like Capybara’s Below, AURORA44’s Ashen, and Fullbright’s Tacoma.
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