GamingReview: Killing Floor 2 PS4

Review: Killing Floor 2 PS4


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You know when you have had that kind of day or week when all you want to do is get home, sit on the sofa, grab your controller, meet up with friends and spend a couple of hours kicking the living hell out of hundreds of reanimated corpses using brutal weapons to a head thumping soundtrack. Well luckily I have just the very thing for you in Killing Floor 2.

There are times when stripping a game mode back to its basic elements can often enhance the gameplay experience it wants players to have. When a complex story and hours of build up to a finale are simply not required it can really showcase the gameplay itself and that can be enough to justify the purchase. What I experienced with Killing Floor 2 was just that and a huge nod back to the days of just playing on arcade machines before home consoles were really a thing, when you put in your 50p and simply kept battling away until your credits were all used up.

Originally released on PC, Killing Floor 2 has finally made its way to consoles. At its core it is a team based horde mode survival shooter, where you and friends or people online must battle against waves of increasing tough of zombies or Zeds in this case, as you fight to earn currency to buy more powerful weapons and work together to defeat each wave thrown at you. Enhanced by a heavy metal soundtrack, the action is fast paced, exciting and when working with friends it can be an exhilarating experience for fans of shooters.

Though it does have a very limited choice in game modes, it makes up for it in terms of maps and variety in weapons to use as you work your way through the waves in order to get to the final boss of the fight, a boss fight that is refreshingly and unforgiving in its toughness at times which will put any team to the test. Not only must you work to survive the waves but you must also work together in order to prepare for this final battle. Strategy plays a huge part as players can weld doors shut in order to both block Zeds getting in a particular way or just to control where the team wants the action to take place. I would often try to encourage members of the team to take the time between waves to go weld off doors so the fight would take place in an area that we could control and dominate. Not surprisingly and to my horror at times, this strategy would often fail as the sheer volume of enemies would test this tactic to thrilling results.

You can play it solo but this can be overwhelming punishing at times and Killing Floor 2 really is best played with friends or other players online to really get the most of it. Communication is also key because of the vast numbers of enemies that can truly swamp your position and should you find yourself away from your team can leave you both cornered and trapped. When this happens you can find yourself literally outnumbered and up a familiar creek with no paddles to use. This can be rather frustrating at times and leave you feeling helpless unless your team comes to your rescue so being aware of your surroundings on each of the really well designed maps is crucial for victory.

Killing Floor 2 takes elements and inspiration from many horde mode style games and some Left for Dead to give it some flavour but the real strength to it lies in the arcade feel and high octane action that when shared with friends offers a heart pounding time. It is a no thrills bare bones and does what it says on the box experience. Finding other players online was not a problem and you can mix up the online action in PVP against other players where the team can switch between being the humans and playing as the Zeds.

For the times when you just want to forget the world and just work with some friends to stomp zombies into the ground, Killing Floor 2 offers that in a rewarding way that can be just as challenging as it can be frustrating but due to its focus on gameplay above all else, it is well worth your attention if you are a fan of horde mode style games


+ Pure Arcade Action
+ Great with Friends
+ Satisfying Challenge
- Limited Game Modes
- Helplessness when trapped
Sean McCarthy
Sean McCarthy
Freelance writer but also a Gamer, Gooner, Jedi, Whovian, Spartan, Son of Batman, Assassin and Legend. Can be found playing on PS4 and Xbox One Twitter @CockneyCharmer

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<br /> + Pure Arcade Action <br />+ Great with Friends <br />+ Satisfying Challenge <br />- Limited Game Modes <br />- Helplessness when trappedReview: Killing Floor 2 PS4