Melody the Musical Turtle offers 10 fast-moving, musical activities that tune memory and preschool skills.

Little ones think and move quickly to find numbers and colours on Melody’s shell or repeat patterns from memory. In Music mode, buttons light up to show little ones how to play familiar tunes.

Race the music to find numbers and colours, repeat patterns and create turtle-rific tunes in 10 snappy, light-up activities.

Press light-up buttons on Melody’s shell to play fast-action memory and learning games, solo or with a friend!

Listen and look for numbers and colours. Find as many as you can before the music ends!

Find numbers and colours in Learn & Play mode, play memory games and make music.

Watch Melody’s buttons light up, remember the patterns and play them back. Patterns get longer the further you go!

Melody the Musical Turtle is a lot of fun, and is aimed at children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old.

The buttons are large and easy to press, and they light up different colours so it makes it more interesting for the child.

This would make a great gift at Christmas.

Melody the Musical Turtle is available now priced £14.99.