GamingShattered: Tale of the Forgotten King 2D RPG platformer

Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King 2D RPG platformer


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Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King, is an atmospheric 2D RPG platformer with 3D boss battles, with 21 days left on Kickstarter. Having achieved a staggering 93% community approval rating in their Square Enix Collective Feedback pitch, Redlock Studios, the
French developer creating the game, has set a goal of €80,000 ($87,500, £72,000) to continue development of the game.


Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King is being planned for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King takes place in a strange and shattered world, ruled by Elder Gods. Follow the Wanderer on his journey to discover memories of his past, with The Whisperer, a mysterious and cynical creature – guiding him on his quest. Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King will take you on a journey of choices and hidden stories, with all your decisions determining your path.

“The Square Enix Collective community overwhelmingly supported the Collective campaign for Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King”, said Phil Elliott, director of Indie Development at Square Enix. “With stunning visuals, innovative camera mechanics and solid RPG crafting and story elements, Redlock Studios has struck a chord with this game. Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King will make a wonderful addition to the diverse and quality roster of projects supported through crowdfunding by Square Enix Collective”.

Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King

● 2.5D platformer with 3D boss battles
● Stunning hand-crafted atmospheric art style – in the classic tradition of French studios
● RPG crafting and skills system
● Intricate fantasy universe born on a classic RPG forum
● Unique in-game language
● Several possible outcomes and storylines, dependent on puzzles & boss battles
● Developed using Unreal Engine 4
● Releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018

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