TechAndroidsnakebyte group announces full product line-up for IFA 2016

snakebyte group announces full product line-up for IFA 2016


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The Snakebyte group has unveiled its snakebyte branded VR:Controller for Android & PC and the Game:Pad 4 Wired Controller for PlayStation 4. Ideal for the new wave of Virtual Reality systems, the VR:Controller has been designed to provide a quality gaming experience and comes complete with dedicated ‘Back, Home and Recent’ buttons for use with Android devices, allowing gamers to master their device and access key features without the need to remove their headset during play. The Game:Pad 4 provides a fully featured controller for use with PlayStation 4, complete with full touchpad controls and complement of action buttons.

Also on show will be the Zoopa branded range of drones and power boats, exclusively distributed by the snakebyte group. Providing a thrilling, cutting-edge experience for all budgets, the range includes entry level products such as the Q55 drone which allows users to enter the exciting world of flight for a remarkable price of under €40, while thrill-seekers will be drawn to the Thunder 800, an 80cm long, twin-battery power boat, capable of achieving top speeds of up to 80km/h!


With colour coded finishes for PlayStation (Blue), and Xbox (Green), the snakebyte Game:Chair range provides a fully adjustable and supremely comfortable experience for even the most demanding of prolonged gaming sessions. The Game:Chair Pro, shipping in red upgrades the experience yet further, adding a full leather finish for premium comfort.

“As we head into the Holiday season, we’re excited to present a highly diverse range of unique products which we believe will resonate with retail and the gaming community,” said Toni Hannott, Director of Sales and Marketing for the snakebyte group. “IFA is an ideal opportunity to unveil our new product line-up and we look forward to welcoming old and new retail partners at the show.”

Chris Hare
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