505 Games and Giant Squid today announced that PS4 pre-orders are now open for the underwater adventure game, ABZÛ, launching 2nd August on PlayStation 4 and PC via STEAM.


Through Sony’s PS Play Program, PlayStation Plus members will receive 20% off by pre-ordering the visually stunning and deeply inspirational aquatic journey, starting today! All pre-orders will include an exclusive ABZÛ static theme, available for download at the time of purchase.


ABZÛ is an epic descent into the depths of the sea where players explore the mystery and wonder of the ocean. As ‘the Diver,’ players will uncover their true connection to the ocean, as the world around them begins to unlock its secrets. Fluid swimming controls allows the Diver to interact with lush kelp forests; thousands of fish and hidden worlds, which await her on her quest. 

ABZÛ will be available via digital download on 2nd August  on PSN (PS4) and PC via STEAM. Players can pre-order ABZÛ on PlayStation 4 ahead of release HERE.