GamingPreview: God Eater Resurrection

Preview: God Eater Resurrection


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The upcoming release of God Eater 2 Rage Burst in the West could be considered a collection celebrating the success of the franchise. After all, the first game is being given away to anyone that purchases the second game.

Although the first game originally came out on PlayStation Portable, this release on the PlayStation 4 gives the franchise a chance to reach out to a wider audience. Not only that, but the title also benefits from some graphical upgrades to make up for the bigger screens being used to play it. A pleasant surprise given Bandai Namco’s plans to release it as a bonus extra for God Eater 2 purchasers.

For anyone who hasn’t experienced God Eater yet, it is set in a future where humanity is on the brink due to the threat of monsters called Aragami. This is where Fenrir and the other God Eaters come in. These characters make use of bracelets to control huge weapons capable of defeating these ferocious Aragami.

God Eater Ressurrection

It’s possible to change the name of the playable character from a selection of slightly amusing titles, such as Regina Eater Bro – it requires imagination to come up with witty names. There is the choice to pick a melee weapon, gun and a shield. Each has different types of weapons to choose from, like the shotgun and sniper for guns. It certainly feels like the game isn’t lacking in terms of weapons with lots to potentially choose from.

Like similar games in the market, the idea behind God Eater Resurrection is to go on missions and hunt monsters. Each mission has its own challenges and Aragami to defeat. It’s entirely up to the player to choose easy missions and slowly get better or go straight for the tougher missions.

The missions that were available took place in fairly small desolate areas. Rather that show a health bar, the game wants players to focus on the behaviour of the creatures. A creature that is dangerously low on health will suddenly change its behaviour pattern or display a physical injury.

Whereas character designs are surprisingly detailed, the same can’t be said of the environment. It makes it seem that although some work was put into place whilst porting the title, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s an upgrade of a PlayStation Portable title.

It’s not possible to pause the game during a mission. This makes sense considering that up to 3 other players can join. The three AI partners assigned to play with the characters are also useful and offered a considerable amount of help during the preview session.

Rolling to dodge attacks and some other actions makes use of stamina points that automatically refill. The gun uses OP points and these only get replenished by hitting the monsters with the blade. It’s a good idea since it’s an incentive to use different weapons during a fight.

God Eater Ressurrection

The controls system was one of the highlights during the play session. This is more to do with how simple they are to use. Pressing the right stick or touch pad brings up a list of items to use and it’s easy to cycle through them with the R1/L1 triggers. Swapping weapons only requires using one button and this made it possible to create different combos with ease. It’s also interesting to make use of the melee weapon to devour enemies. Given the complexity of similar games, it felt refreshing that it didn’t take that long to get into God Eater. Still, it seemed like there was the opportunity to learn more complex combat tactics and such with patience and time.

Each of the missions has a time limit and whilst this might not seem important in the short missions played, it could change on the retail version of the title. What is important is that God Eater Resurrection seemed simple enough to get into. There is also the potential of replaying missions to get better scores by trying a combination of different weapons. If anything, it seems like a great idea to give this game for free to anyone that buys God Eater 2 Rage Burst, both for anyone new to the series or for fans that want to get back into it or even see what has changed.

God Eater Resurrection is scheduled to be released as a free bonus with the purchase of God Eater 2 Rage Burst, which is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC on 30th August 2016.

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