GamingReview: XCOM 2: Anarchy's Children

Review: XCOM 2: Anarchy’s Children


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XCOM: Enemy Unknown made a bit of a name for itself with some of the most expansive DLC ever. Aside from the massive additions made by Enemy Within there was plenty of customization packs for those who like to spend too long customizing their soldiers. Consider me guilty on that one. So it makes sense that the first DLC for XCOM 2 is also a customization pack. Besides, I don’t think we’re quite ready for the inevitable ‘XCOM 2: Enemy Within’ just yet.


Anarchy’s Children is the first of three DLC packs to add a little extra flavour to your time on XCOM 2. There’s a lot of new stuff that spans all of the different level armours and tech available so there’s not much of a value for money issue as far as quantity goes. Helmets, patterns and even complete sets of armour all make for a packed DLC. Although it is entirely cosmetic.

Which is a real problem because they look terrible. There isn’t a single item I’ve found that I would use over the options the standard game comes with. True enough cosmetics are extremely objective, more so than any other element of a game. If you like the style of Anarchy’s Children then there is no problem with it at all. But it just doesn’t fit with XCOM.


I love the new style of XCOM given their latest rebel foundations. But painting my guy with a ridiculous clown face instead of what I usually do, like in the picture below, is not something I was crying out for. Maybe mine lacks originality but I’d say he looks cooler. I never really had the desire to make my XCOM soldiers look like bikers from the 70’s, just simply insane or both. I can’t imagine many of us do. XCOM is just not the kind of game were this style works and I fail to see the logic behind the designs.


A rough start to XCOM 2’s DLC marks the first bad DLC since the remake. The ALIEN HUNTERS and SHEN’S LAST GIFT DLC packs that will follow sound far more promising and add more than just cosmetic changes too. There’s no need to lose faith in XCOM’s DLC just yet but consider giving this one a miss.


+ Plenty of content
- Cosmetic only
- Style doesn't fit with Xcom at all

Available now on PC.
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+ Plenty of content <br /> - Cosmetic only <br /> - Style doesn't fit with Xcom at all <br /> <br /> Available now on PC.Review: XCOM 2: Anarchy's Children