NewsLeapfrog announces the Leapfrog Epic kids tablet

Leapfrog announces the Leapfrog Epic kids tablet


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Today LeapFrog, has unveiled its new Android-based kids tablet, LeapFrog Epic. The launch marks the first time LeapFrog has offered a vast, the learning content on a tablet made for sale in the consumer electronics section of stores.

The LeapFrog Epic tablet was built from the ground up to adapt as a child grows, offering endlesspossibilities for children to explore safely, play, imagine and create. This one-of-a-kind, full-featured tablet delivers access to unique personalised learning experiences that auto-level with a child’s progress; an amazing first-of-its-kind, customisable, interactive, playable home screen; kid-safe browsing right out of the box that can adjust accessibility as a child is ready; and easy-to-use parental controls that help define the play experience for each individual child.

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“We create tablets for parents that are looking for the perfect introduction to tablet play for their child, with the best safety features available today and access to a vast selection of our award-winning content that not only provides a breadth of entertainment, but delivers life-changing learning and development,” said John Barbour, LeapFrog CEO. “The LeapFrog Epic tablet is age-appropriate right out of the box, but grows with a child. Children expect technology that’s more like their parents’ – sleeker and faster, whereas parents want technology that has been designed with kids in mind and safely delivers educational and development benefits, not just another TV screen. The LeapFrog Epic tablet is a perfect balance – a unique, full-featured kid’s tablet experience with the learning content and controls that parents can trust and all the play, creativity, and exploration children will love.”

“Part of addressing the needs of a growing child includes providing educational content that continues to inspire a love of learning,” said Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, director of LeapFrog’s Learning Team. “With the LeapFrog Epic tablet, we expanded the learning and personalization in our tablet offering, while also offering parents the ability to monitor and customise their child’s experience.

First-of-Its-Kind Interactive, Customisable, and Playable Homescreen
The LeapFrog Epic tablet provides a perfect solution with a revolutionary new homescreen where children can personalise, create, and interact with innovative features that provide a world of discovery while it grows and changes as they do.

Grow with Your Child Kid-Safe Browsing and Expandable Parent Controls
Out of the box, the LeapFrog Epic tablet provides children a kid-safe browsing experience through its proprietary LeapSearch browser only allowing access to pre-selected, kid-safe web content from over 5,000 videos, images, websites and games all reviewed and approved by LeapFrog learning experts. Through the LeapSearch browser on the tablet, parents can feel confident that the content their child sees is age appropriate. As their child’s interests change and grow, parents can simply add new websites to the LeapSearch browser, yet still feel secure in knowing exactly the types of content and website their child can access through the tablet. As the ultimate “grow with your child” feature, parents can unlock an unrestricted, open browser, but at the time when they believe their child is ready.

In addition, with new, easy-to-use control settings, parents can adjust the amount of time their child spends on the tablet by total time, hours of the day and by app category for up to three different user profiles – providing the opportunity to customise the control settings for the differing needs of each child using the tablet.

The Power and Design of a Parent Tablet Made For Kids
Built with unique features made just for kids, the LeapFrog Epic tablet comes with all the features expected from a full-featured adult tablet. Using an operating system based on Android 4.4, the LeapFrog Epic tablet features a quad-core processor, brilliant seven-inch multi-touch capacitive LCD screen, front and back camera, video recorder, 16 GB of expandable memory and six plus hours of battery life, to deliver amazing performance perfect for a child’s every adventure.

For a sleeker look, children can also remove the included kid-safe bumper and untether the stylus for the ultimate cool factor that looks more like their parents’ tablet.

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