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Preview: Yuneec Inc “Pro Action Steadicam Grip” & “Typhoon Q500+” Quadcopter


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As Quadcopter filming becomes ever popular, more and more companies are providing their own consumer level videography solutions.

One such company is Yuneec Inc, who have come up with a potentially game changing all-in-one hardware offering that seems to give a great balance of both in the air AND on the ground filming that could turn the “Pro-sumer” on it’s head.

To find out more, Moobit caught up with Yuneec at their Gadget Show Live stand to get an exclusive glimpse of their upcoming Go-Pro Hero action camera compatible “Pro-Action Steadicam Grip” – due to release later this year – whilst also getting a product tour of their existing proprietary camera toting “CGO Steady Grip” – both of which are compatible with their brilliant “Typhoon Q 500+” Quadcopter which brings you an “all in one box solution” by letting you swap out the 3-axis camera and gimble attached to the Quad Copter and then attach it to the relevant Steadicam Grip – using your own smartphone as a viewfinder!

Look out for a full tech review of this videography solution by moobit in the coming months. In the meantime, further information can be found at the Yuneec Website.

Moobit is a retro tech obsessed, Karaoke singing, Guitar playing, Game playing, Sci-Fi watching, Toy collecting über geek. CAREER: A Freelance Tech and Games Journalist, Moobit also acts as Media Manager for the GamerDads Network and Social Media Manager/Broadcaster for NottsNHR Hospital Radio. He is an experienced Podcaster, Videographer, Quad-Copter Photographer, and YouTube Partner - all under his #Moobitmedia banner - contact moobit via email or Twitter re commission enquiries.


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