TechAndroidThree announces exclusive tariffs for the Honor 6+

Three announces exclusive tariffs for the Honor 6+


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Today (22nd April) Three has announced that the Honor 6+ will be available to buy from 1st May, on both PAYG (£299.99) and on a range of 24 month contracts.
Three customers will be able to buy the device exclusively on Three online and for the first time ever walk in-store and purchase it from as little as £19 upfront and then £24 per month on a contract.


With different range of plans available to suit varying needs and all plans include added benefits from Three such as 4G at no extra cost in 4G enabled areas, and Feel at Home, where you can use your phone abroad in 18 destinations at no extra cost.


Upfront cost £19 with a 24-month contract
Data Minutes Monthly Cost
500MB 600 mins £24
1GB 600 mins £27
2GB 300 mins £27
1GB AYCE* £30
2GB 600 mins £30
2GB AYCE £33
AYCE 600 mins £34
Or buy the handset outright for £299 on PAYG**

*AYCE – all you can eat

**PAYG – Pay as you go

The Honor 6+ also has a huge 3600mAh battery which can offer up to two days of use from a single charge on moderate usage. Live demo units will also be available in 360 stores throughout the UK for anyone to test out.

The Honor 6+ also has an unbelievably fast 1.8Hz octa-core Kirin 925 chipset and 3GB of RAM, as well as 32GB of internal storage, perfect for those that like to capture life as it happens, as well as watch video on the go.

Sylvia Chind, head of devices at Three, said: “We are delighted that Three has been chosen as the exclusive operator partner for the Honor 6+. It’s exciting to be bringing such an innovative and refreshing brand to the UK market.

“We are looking forward to enabling our customers to walk in-store and try the device for themselves to appreciate the value of the handset by testing it on our reliable network.”

Three is the first and only network in the UK to offer the Honor 6 Plus, the partnership was announced at this year MWC. Up until now, Honor series of smartphones was only sold its phones directly from its own website and through Amazon.


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