GamingGamer Network moves into physical games publishing

Gamer Network moves into physical games publishing


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Gamer Network, the world’s leading network of independent video games websites and producer of the UK’s premiere video games events, today announced the launch of Gamer’s Edition. Produced in partnership with veteran collectibles producer Idea Planet, Gamer’s Edition creates premium collector’s editions of cult games, enabling digital releases and indie games to offer the same physical special editions as big-budget PC and console titles.

Gamers Edition

Each Gamer’s Edition is built around one-of-a-kind collectibles, which are developed in close collaboration with the game’s developers and community and produced to order in one-off production runs. The crowdfunded pre-order system means that production commences only when there are enough orders to cover the manufacturing costs. By creating every package to order, Gamer’s Edition can deliver truly individual items directly to fans and enable independent game creators to offer collector’s editions that rival the biggest console releases. In addition, the platform offers great business value to developers as it avoids the typical production costs associated with releasing a collector’s edition.

papers please

Gamer’s Edition launches with two iconic and highly regarded indie games:

  • Papers, Please – the Gamer’s Edition for this multi-award-winning dystopian document thriller is modelled on the kit the player receives when they win the Labor Lottery in the grim nation of Arstotzka. Each inspector’s case includes a Steam key, Arstotkan stamps, inkpad, poster, passport, Immigration Rule Book, paperwork set, Labor Lottery keyring and inspector’s pin badge. The Papers, Please Gamer’s Edition retails for $70.

●        Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 double-pack – in celebration of Hotline Miami 2’s release, this special Gamer’s Edition has been created to the exact specification of series creator Dennaton Games, which is designing bespoke packaging elements specifically for Gamer’s Edition. It includes both games on DVD for the first time, presented in custom DVD packaging, along with Steam keys for both games, a C90 soundtrack mixtape, comic, “Cameo” trading cards, 50 Blessings spray paint stencil and custom art card. The Hotline Miami Gamer’s Edition retails for $60.

Gamer’s Edition was set up to create awesome collector’s editions for games that previously couldn’t deliver them”, said Jon Hicks, Head of Gamer’s Edition. “We realised that digitally-distributed indie games were taking up almost as much of our gaming time as the megabucks triple-A stuff, but they didn’t have much in the way of cooler toys or accessories because the developers don’t have the time or the resources to create them”.

“By partnering with Idea Planet, we’ve been able to deliver the quality of blockbuster collectibles for our favourite indie games, and by making them to order we ensure that we only create things that the community really wants. Our goal is to work with both developers and players to come up with high-quality special editions that are as unique as the games themselves”.

Mike Flecker, founder of Idea Planet, believes this is an amazing opportunity for independent developers and fans alike. “This partnership gives the game creators a unique opportunity to bring their digital creations into the real world, while giving true fans the ability to participate in the process and own a physical artefact of the game”.

Gamer’s Edition is live now at

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