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Win a Xenta Pedastal Gaming Chair


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We just reviewed the Xenta Pedastal Gaming Chair and we gave it 5/5 – now you can win it!


A gaming chair needs to be comfortable, include all the audio features you need and if it just so happens to make you look like a Bond villain in the process, so much the better. The Pedestal Gaming Chair from Xenta provides all of these things and more.

The sleek and imposing no-nonsense design lends the chair an air of authority. If you didn’t already know about the built-in speaker system, you might assume it belonged in the office of a high-ranking executive. Lower yourself into it and prepare to feel both relaxed and fully supported through the combination of ergonomic design, adjustable headrest and curved armrests.

No matter how you swivel it, the chair is only a chair until you give it power. Plug it in and prepare to experience your favourite movies and games like never before. The audio is piped in directly over your shoulders to make you feel a part of the action like never before.

The chair itself if fully adjustable and comes with a number of levers and switches that allow you to adjust the seat to your exact specifications. A handy control panel is also included in the seat unit so you can adjust the volume and bass levels while barely moving a muscle.

How to enter to win

We have a Xenta Pedastal Gaming Chair worth £149.99 to give away to one lucky reader.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Usual contest rules apply, and the winner will be selected at random. This contest is open to the UK only – sorry!

The contest ends at 12.00AM on Monday January 26th, and the Xenta Pedastal Gaming Chair is available to buy for £149.99 from Ebuyer.

Prize sponsored by Xenta.

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  1. May i have this. My “office” chair i use for gaming is uncomfortable. This would be perfect

  2. Having just broken the chair I use for gaming, it would be great to have a chair that is designed for that.

  3. omg my son would think hes won lottery if he had this.hopefillu I will win this amazing chair.fingers crossed and good luck to all that’s entered x

  4. I would love to win this so that my son can have his own comfy chair whilst playing with his games instead of sitting on a hard one that is really un-comfy

  5. would love to win this for my son,he needs a comfy gaming chair with the amount of hours he spends on his computer

  6. Would love to win this for my 9 year old son! Tried to order a gaming chair before Christmas but left it too late (bad mother that I am 🙂 ) My son’s birthday is March so this would be ideal! Fingers crossed

  7. Would love to win this, would be so much more comfortable than my Monopoly folding chair. ty 🙂

  8. Leave a comment below telling us you want to win…………………………..oooohhhh yeeees l waaaant to wiiiin

  9. Oh the husband has been nagging away for months for one of these gaming chairs. Would make him happy x

  10. I would love to win this for my 10 year old son as he is always on his xbox sat in a small plastic chair that hes getting to tall for xxx

  11. I’d love to win. Im using a horrible chair I got for a fiver at the moment. Its not great 🙁

  12. I’d love to win. My Moses chair from Ikea is looking like it went up Mt Ararat and didn’t get any tablets for the effort!

  13. Hubby “I sooooooooo want this!” and so I’m guessing I would make him happy if I won it for him

  14. Would love to win this for my brother – would make the 3 piece suite last longer if he had one

  15. My son spends most of his free time at swim training or competing, but his favourite thing to do when he is not training hard is play on his Xbox. I would love for him to be rewarded with this amazing gaming chair, he deserves a treat!

  16. yes please! it would be like ‘give us a clue’ where the seat is kept warm by someone always sitting on it, me in the morning, son after school and the man when back from work! haha

  17. I would love to win so that I don’t have to sit on an uncomfortable old wooden chair anymore

  18. I would love to win this chair as money is tight at the moment, I am unable to purchase a new chair and I am sitting on an old uncomfortable one as I type this, also I have a disc herniation/arthiritis and this chair looks like it would give me alot of support and comfort to enjoy my time gaming

  19. My own chair is falling apart and doesn’t provide good support. This prize would be great.

  20. I would love to win this for my bro – he keeps pinching my computer chair and breaking them!

  21. I’m a disabled wheelchair user and I don’t have a gaming chair so I would really, really love to win.

  22. I want to win! It looks so comfortable, I could get some serious gaming done in this!

  23. I would love to win this for my hublet, who has just treated himself to a PS4 and is addicted to it <3

  24. My partner would love this he needs a new comfortable chair he has MS and his old one has broken,he loves gaming and it would make his day !!

  25. Would love to win this for my sons room – only problem they would probably fight over who got to use it!!

  26. i’d love to win this, playing the new dragon age has incurred an awful lot of “bum-ache”. this looks like the cure.

  27. This would be just perfect. It’s just like the ‘Mastermind’ chair so would make my gaming a far lot smarter 😉

  28. I would really like to win this for my teenage son. Brilliant prize. Thanks for chance to enter

  29. I’d love to win this as the chair I use at the moment gives me a numb bum and neck ache

  30. I’d love to give this to my husband. His chair is barely held together at the moment ha.

  31. I need this chair in my life! I would love to win and have my fingers crossed. Thanks for the fantastic competition

  32. My boyfriend is a gamer and he needs a chair. All his friends have one and he’s a bit left out! EJ Dunn

  33. My daughter is game obsessed, big huge space in her bedroom for this 😉 I really want to win on her behalf!

  34. I know a certain teenager who would love me for at least half an hour if I won this.

  35. What a fab chair. I’d love to win. My son loves playing computer games for hours but finds office chairs uncomfortable. This would stop him shifting around on his chair and driving me mad!

  36. Because we have just decorated the children’s room and this would be perfect to make it top tech!

  37. I would love to win, not sure who would win the battle for it, my daughter or my hubby?!

  38. I would love to win and it would be so much more comfortable to play all the hours of Dragon Age Inquisition 🙂

  39. Superb giveaway and in need of a new gaming chair as my current one in worse for wear 🙂 Good Luck to all

  40. My oh has a great chair, but when we play together i have to use a kitchen chair! L4D2 can go on for a while and its uncomfortable

  41. i’d love to win The Pedestal Gaming Chair from Xenta. Looks alot nicer and more comfortable than my current chair

  42. i want to win really badly. Thanks for offering the chance to win such an amazing prize.

  43. I would love to win for my sons 21st in a couple of weeks…..imagine his face if I gave him this for his birthday….he would love me forever lol

  44. The last of my kids have now left home and that just leaves me and hubby and I am getting fed up with his bouncing on the sofa and screaming at the TV when he is playing the playstation so I need this chair so I can banish him, his poxy console and his stupid shooting games into another room and I can relax with repeats of the Antiques Roadshow and University Challenge 🙂

  45. We bought our son a gaming PC for Christmas but he just has one of the kitchen chairs up to his desk at the moment so this would be a great prize to win. P.S. we’re not related 🙂

  46. awesome giveaway my son has just celebrated his21st birthday after years of epileptic fits that nearly took him, this would be lovely for him as he loves gaming

  47. Ahh I’ve been wanting one of these for me and my boyfriend to play Assassin’s Creed in for ages! Fab prize 🙂

  48. I’d really really like to win this, or more importantly… my hubby would really, really like me to win this for him 😀

  49. I would love to win this for my eldest son, we are moving to a new house shortly & finally he will have his own room & this would be perfect for him

  50. Love to win it. With two gaming freaks in the house it would cerainly be well used

  51. there’s a good chance with this my son may let us use the computer chair to actually sit at the computer, instead of him nicking it to play the 360! please save us from kneeling at the computer! 🙂

  52. I’d love to win – got a little gaming set up in my spare room – but missing a gaming chair

  53. Would love to win this for my son, he plays games on his uncomfortable bed, and needs proper support for his back x

  54. i’d love to win this for my son, i’m redecorating his room and replacing all his furniture next month but my budget doesnt run to a fancy gaming chair

  55. I WANT TO WIN FOR MY SON. We are both unemployed at the moment so times are very tough and he really would be over the moon if I won x

  56. I really need this to seat my Big Ass on, and ‘Ass’ is in the big bAss it produces so its a perfect match… 🙂

  57. I’d like to win this so i could game in comfort and quietly – at the moment my chair creaks so much it’s a distraction from the action! 🙂

  58. I’d love to win this as I’ve just moved and am building a console wall in my home office and this would go perfectly!

  59. Firstly its my bday this week, secondly as this is a fab prize and for a family of gamers would be appreciated by all!

  60. Fem gamer! Love this, enjoy all genres! Would love to win this…gaming in comfort x x x

  61. Would truly LOVE to win this for my two boys to share! Thanks for the chance!

  62. I would love to win this for my husband! I would be the best wife in the world if I were to give him this amazing prize for his birthday in March!

  63. Would love to win this for my boyfriend who needs a comfy chair to game in as he has arthritis x x x

  64. For my teenager son who only has an old office chair in which to sit to do his gaming. The seat is no longer attached to the base so whenever he gets excited we hear him crash onto the floor!

  65. I want to win this gaming chair for my Son Harry. He would love this! Many thanks for the opportunity.

  66. This would get me in the good books with the other half and my son for the rest of my life 🙂

  67. i’d love to win this for my other half as he has a life time health condition and loves to play on hiis xbox or ps3 so this gaming chair would be perfect fingers crossed 🙂

  68. I would love to win this for my son as a way of saying well done and we are so proud of you for working so hard at school

  69. I would love to win this for my son as his current gaming chair is ready for the bin and it would be a great early 16th birthday treat.

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