GamingReview: Call of Duty Ghosts: Nemesis DLC

Review: Call of Duty Ghosts: Nemesis DLC


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Now that Ghosts is reaching the end of its intended life cycle, it’s time for the fourth and final DLC drop. Nemesis promises a conclusion to the episodic Extinction game mode and four new multiplayer maps; including a tongue in cheek dig at those (including myself) who complained regarding the overly large map sizes present in the initial release.

Yep, you can ride the minecarts

Goldrush is our first stop, set in an old abandoned gold mine; it’s probably the largest map in the pack and suited best for more competitive games of Domination. Its immediately notable features include two automated mine cart systems, as well as a fiendish area (housing the B Domination point) that periodically changes its elevation. Close games will rely upon players using their knowledge of this mechanic; on top of the winding map layouts to get the jump on their opponents. Once again, Field Orders are made with nostalgia in mind, with this maps unique reward being a pack of wolves, of which are scarily reminiscent of the K9 units of the past.

Subzero, an evacuated submarine base located in Canada, it plays host to the classic three lane design and is probably the most balanced map here in terms of engagements. Narrow, claustrophobic tunnels pave the way towards open areas that reward risks, meaning gunfights between different categories can and will occur at any point. Vantage points are fairly commonplace; lending those sneaky players a consistent advantage, however due to the more traditional layout, there’s fortunately, often a way out. Subzero’s Field Order certainly falls into the obscure category; once acquired, you’ll summon the ‘snow beasts’, ethereal monsters that wouldn’t look out of place in a snowy episode of Lost.

A familiar looking snow map

Dynasty is unfortunately the weak point of the pack, featuring a unique, if not a little bland, Chinese lakeside village. With most of the action centralised around the middle two buildings, flanking around the sides is your best bet for survival. Unfortunately, due to the colourisation of the surrounding walls, you’ll often find people propping up the fortifications; blending in surprisingly well in the process too. Much like the other DLC maps of late, Dynasty also has its unique Field Order throwback, this time paying homage to the harrier strikes of Call of Duty past.

Showtime is a map that Ghosts could have done with a long time ago. A reimagined version of the smallest map in Call of Duty history, the claustrophobic Shipment from the first Modern Warfare, Showtime will test both your reactions and your patience. Set up as a suspiciously staged combat arena, Showtime offers the kind of fast paced action that was often dubiously missing from Ghosts. There are still points to perch upon and overlook the map, alongside the outer perimeter which begs to be patrolled with an SMG. The central arena tempts you with the lure of shotguns, whilst reality offers silenced weapons. It’s easy to rack up the kills in Showtime, what’s more difficult, is keeping a streak going whilst being mindful of the incessant spawns that surround you.

You’ll be praying it’s this calm before too long

Exodus is the final stage in the Extinction saga; as with previous episodes, you’ll have to deal with just about every species so far, alongside the Ancestors, a new group of enemies that possess some pretty nifty mind control abilities. For those who’ve spent their time collecting the hidden secrets in the multiplayer maps, progressing through this final chapter will grant you a cheeky Extinction egg patch to show off in multiplayer.

Whilst it’s not the worst map pack in the franchise, I would have hoped for the final DLC pack for Ghosts would have ended with a more memorable bang. After starting so strong with the first two packs; including weapons, original killstreaks and interesting map designs, it’s a shame to end with a predictable bang. The maps Showtime and Subzero elevate the pack nicely and the Field Order rewards are a nice trip down nostalgia lane, yet unfortunately re-raise the ever present issue of Ghosts’ killstreaks.


+ A truly small map
+ Consistently enjoyable field orders
+ Maps are great for objective type modes
- No new weapons
- More of a fizzle than a bang

(Reviewed on PS4, also available on Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

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Review: Call of Duty Ghosts: Nemesis DLC+ A truly small map <br /> + Consistently enjoyable field orders <br /> + Maps are great for objective type modes <br /> - No new weapons <br /> - More of a fizzle than a bang <br /> <br /> (Reviewed on PS4, also available on Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)