GamingUbisoft and Apocalypse join to commemorate WW1

Ubisoft and Apocalypse join to commemorate WW1


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Ubisoft has announced its association with CC&C (France) and IDEACOM INTERNATIONAL (Canada), two production agencies specialised in historical productions, as part of the creation of Valiant Hearts: the Great War. Valiant Hearts: the Great War is an interactive adventure showcasing the graphic power of the UbiArt Framework and putting in motion the lives of touching characters lost in the trenches of World War I.


This partnership allowed the Valiant Hearts: the Great War development teams to access the outstanding databases of Apocalypse, World War 1. It was a unique opportunity to update the already-filled game encyclopedia with a significant amount of reworked photographs, which granted players with accurate and striking content to learn more on these major chapters of history.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the story of crossed destinies and a broken love in a world torn apart. Developed by a small-scale yet very talented team within Ubisoft Montpellier, the game is a thoughtful balance between exploration, actions and puzzles; all of these integrated into a stirring story taking place at symbolic World War I locations. Players will relive the Western Front, the Marne, the Verdun or the Somme battles. This detailed informational content is available in-game and has been conceived as part of the partnership with Apocalyspe, World War 1 and the iPad and Web app Apocalypse 10 Lives.

Apocalypse 10 Lives is a piece of immersive web fiction driving users to the heart of war through a four-hour tale, two hours of video archives, more than 250 sketches, hundreds of photographs and unseen documents. These ten heroes, who witnessed the conflict from every front, run into each other and meet famous and anonymous people – ten different but significant views on these dreadful years.

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