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A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm in Peril


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Square Enix released a brand new trailer of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

While we’ve seen quite a lot about the game already, at the very end of the trailer we can see the first glimpse on the upcoming primal Shiva, in all her sexy glory.

After you have watched the new trailer from Square Enix, Why not look at the multi new screenshots from the game.

E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_01_1402410380 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_02_1402410382 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_03_1402410385

E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_04_1402410386 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_05_1402410388 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_06_1402410389 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_08_1402410393 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_09_1402410395 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_10_1402410396 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_11_1402410398 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_12_1402410400 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_13_1402410401 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_14_1402410402 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_15_1402410404 E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_16_1402410406

E3 2014_FFXIVARR_PUB_07_1402410391

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