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Sean’s Game Night – Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker


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Season 2 of ‘Sean’s Game Night’ continues with a sneaky Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker episode played on the Xbox 360.

SGN Peacewalker

Featuring two guests, Chris Locke and Aurore Dimopoulos who are avid fans and cosplayers in the games industry, they are joined by my on screen face that I’ve nicknamed my reaction cam. We play through a sneaking mission which goes horribly wrong then hunt a Rathalos dragon from the Monster Hunter game’s cross over. Very Skyrim’esk.

Chris and Aurore take turns in playing the co-op mode with me, Aurore for the sneaking mission and Chris for the monster hunt. For those that don’t know about Peace Walker it’s set before the events of the latest Ground Zeroes release and we urge you to bridge that gap by watching this episode.

Ground Zeroes is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
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Sean has been working as a Freelance Presenter and Video Producer for the past several years. Enjoys everything Geek, from Star Trek to Marvel. Loves Chinese food. Run's Sean's Game Night YouTube Channel.

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