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Dead Rising 3 Updates with a 13 GB Update with Operation Broken Eagle DLC tomorrow


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Since “Dead Rising 3” the game launched last November exclusively on Xbox One, the players have killed more than 16 billion zombies more than twice the world population of people and have logged more than 14 million hours of gameplay.

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If there wasn’t already enough to do in “Dead Rising 3,” this week will see the release of “Operation Broken Eagle,” the first episode in the game’s “Untold Stories of Los Perdidos” add-on content series. Also Capcom have released a 13 GB update for Dead Rising 3, here are some of the changes fans can expect in this update?. Operation Broken Eagle that is out tomorrow (21st January) priced at £7.99 and features a new mission, five new weapons, one new combo weapon, one new vehicle, a new clothing outfit, plus additional Gamerscore and the ability to carry experience points back to “Dead Rising 3.”


Executive Producer Josh Bridge “We know folks had some frustration when they couldn’t pick up the weapon or food item they wanted if there was a bunch of stuff grouped together. Since there’s always a ton of stuff around in “Dead Rising 3”, we found some use cases and reached out to some fans and we improved that in this update, which is really cool. Beyond that, we’ve got some more telemetry and found there were some issues with blueprints and PP-related achievements and trials.


They weren’t unlocking properly depending on the order in which they were played, whether it was online or offline, so we addressed those. We also looked at various performance improvements. In this type of big open-world game with tons of zombies and the ability to do whatever you want to do, like stacking a bunch of things and blowing them up, we knew we had to improve on those high points and tighten the gameplay experience. Finally, there were some stability issues that we dealt with to make everything that much smoother.”


With all the previous update, you should end up with a total game install size of around 25GB.

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