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Slender: The Arrival and Blood of the Werewolf


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Slender: The Arrival and Blood of the Werewolf are now available on Steam. Discounted to 20 per cent for a limited time off, both titles at only £5.59.

The only official Slender Man game, Slender: The Arrival puts players in the epicenter of the mystery surrounding the mysterious internet persona that has captivated and terrorized millions. Players are trapped in a dark, atmospheric world left to unravel a story fraught with terror, paranoia and other-worldly forces. Written by the creative team behind Marble Hornets, this latest installment to the Slender Man universe builds on the plot points seeded in the original web-series, with some new twists and extended content. Early in the game, players will meet Charlie, once a young boy he is now a thrall of Slender Man, existing only for torment and pain. Uncover his story of how he came to be, as new plot points and information are unearthed during your trek. Follow the clues and document your experience via camcorder as you unravel the mystery of Kate’s disappearance, all the while evading the ominous forces that shadow your every move. For a truly spine-tingling experience, Slender: The Arrival is also compatible with the Oculus Rift. Integrated Steam features include online leaderboards, achievements, cloud saves and trading cards, if you can survive long enough to collect them…

Blood of the Werewolf  harkens back to classic platformers that dished out brutal challenges to players on a regular basis. Push yourself to the limits of persistence and stamina as you slash, shoot and bite your way through fifteen intensifying levels of carnage. The story of Blood of the Werewolf centers on Selena, a loving wife, mother and one of the last living werewolves. Her husband murdered, her child kidnapped, Selena sets out with nothing more than a crossbow and a thirst for vengeance. Take on five intense boss battle arenas as you seek out your son, the only hope for the werewolf race. Experience dynamic gameplay using Selena’s crossbow to thwart enemies from a distance, while bringing the fight up close and personal in werewolf form – instantly transforming by the light of a full moon. Full air controls add to precision jumps, with a special double jump for werewolves only. Fully upgradeable weapons and tons of hidden collectables await along your journey. Discover ancient talismans to unlock the true power and potential of your werewolf abilities. In addition, the game features integrated Steam leaderboards, achievements and trading cards if you dare to collect them all!


Slender: The Arrival and Blood of the Werewolf are now available on Steam for PC via digital download at a discounted price of £5.59.


Slender: The Arrival and Blood of the Werewolf are also planned for console releases in Q1 2014.

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