NewsEventsInfernum hosts global “Your Video for Charity” contest

Infernum hosts global “Your Video for Charity” contest


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The online role-playing game Dragon’s Prophet opened its gates for aspiring dragon riders just a few weeks ago, Berlin-based publisher Infernum is now hosting the global “Your Video for Charity” contest. From the 17th October until 30th November, creative minds from all over the world can submit Dragon’s Prophet related videos of any kind for a chance to win awesome prizes from MIFcom and ROCCAT as well as have the decision on how much money will be donated to which charity organization!

On the contest website, participants can submit their own YouTube videos and take a look at the competition by browsing through all submitted entries. The video that manages to gain the most likes at the end of the contest will reward the author with a high-end gaming PC from MIFcom, awesome ROCCAT gear as well as the prize money of €10,000, of which at least €5,000 will be donated to the charity of your choice. When submitting a video, every contestant has to clearly state how much of the prize money he or she wants to donate to which charity organization. An additional winner will be hand-picked by an internal jury with the same prices up for grabs. You can choose to do a let’s play, live action movie, musical, slide show or animation – creativity knows no bounds.

“Let’s Players, streamers and YouTubers in general are the rising stars of the video game industry. Each and every day, they entertain millions of gamers and share their game experience with their fans, resulting in unforgettable tales”, explains Marco Neubert, Director Brand Management of Infernum Productions AG “We’re really looking forward to working together with them to do something for a cause and we’re excited to see what all the aspiring directors and movie makers will come up with.”


Here’s a little overview of all the prizes:

·        2x        MIFcom Gaming-PC
·        2x        ROCCAT Gaming Hardware
§        Kone Pure Optical Mouse
§        Sense Meteor Blue Mousepad
§        Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard
§        Kulo Stereo Headset
·        2x        10.000€, of which at least €5,000 will be donated to charity

You can find all the information regarding the “Your video for Charity” contest on the appropriate website


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