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NETGEAR Announces Three New Wireless Products at IFA 2013


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NETGEAR has announced three new wireless products at IFA 2013:  two Powerline products and one range extender.  Read on for details.


NETGEAR has announced three new wireless products at IFA 2013:  two Powerline products and one range extender.  Here is the press release:


NETGEAR’s latest innovations in wireless and powerline networking deliver better coverage, faster downloads, uninterrupted HD streaming, and smarter storage of your content at home or in your growing business

BERLIN — September 4, 2013 — NETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQGM: NTGR) (, a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, is demonstrating its newest solutions for the Connected Home and growing businesses at the IFA trade show for consumer electronics ( in Berlin running from September 6 through September 11. NETGEAR will be located in Hall 17, Booth 121 of the Messe Berlin exhibition center.

“We enjoy coming to IFA as it’s an opportunity for us to put the spotlight on our latest networking solutions that are the most relevant for today’s connected European lifestyle,” said Lionel Paris, director of EMEA product marketing for NETGEAR. “For example, in Europe there are many older buildings constructed of materials that can present a challenge to wireless signals, and there never seem to be enough electrical outlets. So, the demonstrations in our IFA booth emphasize the broad range of WiFi, powerline, storage and media networking products NETGEAR offers to make connectivity easier in your home as well as your workplace.”

Extending Your Internet to Power Outlets

NETGEAR is highlighting two powerline adapters at IFA, the brand-new Powerline 600 PassThru 4-port Adapter (XAVB6504) and the Powerline 500 Nano PassThru 1-Port (XAVB5401). Both offer easy, plug-and-play setup and extend your Internet access to any electrical outlet, supporting faster speeds perfect for demanding applications such as multiple HD/3D video streams and multiplayer gaming. You use these adapters to connect any Ethernet-enabled device such as Smart HDTVs, HD set-top boxes, HD/3D videos, Blu-ray™ players, DVRs, PCs or game consoles to your home network and the Internet. Their compact, elegant designs include a convenient pass-through power outlet so you can connect the powerline device directly into the wall socket but still have space to plug in a power strip for all your home office or home theater devices. Both save energy by automatically powering down when not connected or in use.

The new Powerline 600 PassThru 4-Port Adapter (XAVB6504) makes its public debut at IFA. It is a new-generation 600 Mbps product compliant with the new HomePlug® AV2 SISO standard and ideal for HD media streaming. It is the first four-port Powerline adapter to use the new and innovative SmartLink™ Plus technology, which is designed to deliver an extremely high level of performance, increase quality of service, and extend coverage by using all three copper wires in the power wiring. With one Gigabit port and three Fast Ethernet ports, you can experience maximum connectivity with simultaneous connections for four devices to your home network using the Gigabit Ethernet port for high performance applications such as HD streaming and online gaming. The Powerline 600 PassThru 4-Port Adapter (XAVB6504) is expected to begin shipping to major retailers this fall. More information is at

Available via major retail channels and online later this month, the Powerline 500 Nano PassThru 1-Port Adapter (XAVB5401) is a 500 Mbps product compliant with HomePlug® AV and IEEE1901 standard that includes one Fast Ethernet port to connect any Ethernet-enabled device. More information is at

NETGEAR makes it easy for you to manage Powerline devices such as the XAVB6504 and the XAVB5401 on your network through NETGEAR genie®, a free app that enables home users to control, monitor, repair and manage their home networks easily through a simple, elegant dashboard. With the Powerline Network Map, you can measure the speed between Powerline devices and customize the device settings. NETGEAR customers can download the utility at

Bridging the Wireless Gap

Another product NETGEAR is launching at IFA is the Universal Pass-Through WiFi Range Extender (WN3100RP). Not only does it extend the range of any wireless router or gateway to alleviate “dead spots,” it can also act as a Wireless-N bridge to connect a gaming console, DVR, Internet TV, or Blu-ray player to your network. The elegant wall-plug design with pass-through outlet enables convenient placement, as you can still use the wall socket even after the device is installed. What makes the WN3100RP stand out from other extenders are its dynamic LED arrow indicators, as they take the guesswork out of finding the best location to place the extender in relation to the router, to ensure optimal wireless coverage. The Range Extender LEDs also display real-time, end-to-end network status. The Universal Pass Through WiFi Range Extender (WN3100RP) will become available via major retailers and online later this month. More information is at

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