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Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Anno Online


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Ubisoft has announced the 15th anniversary of ANNO, the famous brand developed by the talented team at Blue Byte. The very first ANNO game was released in 1998, and since then, five main games and multiple adaptions have been released, including the highly successful browser game ANNO Online. The ANNO series has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide so far. The latest instalment, ANNO 2070, has also surpassed 1 million in sales, two-thirds of which have come from non-German-speaking territories.


To celebrate this “ANNOversary” and to the delight of players, a new event will take place in Anno Online, as detailed below:

People from the kingdom are traveling to settle some new islands and their flotilla needs to stop by the player’s island for provisions. The players will help them to repair their ships by completing new quests. Additionally, the king’s cartographer, who has been traveling for some time, has discovered a mysterious island covered with ruins from an unknown civilisation. He will ask players to help him solve numerous mysteries and discover wondrous treasures available in this new land. Series veterans will also be pleased to see that Blue Byte has implemented objects from all previous ANNO games in the event, so players should keep an eye out for them! To unlock sectors on this island, the player will need to finish a series of quests given by the cartographer:


  • Buff the Adventurer’s building (quest)
  • Find the missing persons (quest)
  • Help with costs (quest)
  • Explore important ruins via exploration spot mechanics: Players will have to explore spots on the map by investing time and resources, but they will be rewarded with unique rewards.

To commemorate the brand’s anniversary, 2 exclusive in-game currencies will be utilized named ANNO Planks and Doubloons. Each of them has a specific purpose:

ANNO Planks:

Players can obtain this new currency by completing in-game quests and when participating in community activities such as fan fiction and fan art competitions. Depending on the amount of ANNO Planks players come to possess, several achievements will be unlocked and with each stage a reward will be provided.

Additionally, the top players will be rewarded with an exclusive “Hero of the Event” reward.



Players can obtain this new currency when completing in-game quests. It will enable players to get 3 new buildings, 2 buffs and 1 premium ship:

  • Enhanced marketplace (max 2 per player): offering a larger influence area than the media marketplace
  • Old Tree (max 1 per player): this building is an artefact from the Original Anno 1404. In it, players can create and collect various items every day.
  • Scout’s hideout (max 1 per player): this building will reduce the time needed to explore new sectors.
  • Oriental Ship (max 2 per player): capable to carry only oriental goods but in enormous amounts per trip.

All players who have participated/logged in during the event will automatically be rewarded at the end of the event, and will receive an exclusive 15th anniversary statue.

Join the fun and start playing ANNO® Online for free now at

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