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Marvel Heroes Update Patch to Version 1.11


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Gazillion Entertainment have launched a mighty game update for Marvel Heroes,  the game update version 1.11 the free-to-play action-MMORPG set in the Marvel Universe!


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Marvel Heroes Patch 1.11 includes:

User Interface

New options exist on the chat window to control chat filters.

Floating combat text has been added to test center. Expect a few iterations as we iterate on these to ensure they look good and work right. Green is healing, red is damage and yellow are critical hits.

Additional minor functionality has been added to the Supergroup interface (some sorting technology, display of officer and supergroup name appearing on tab). Additional functionality will be added in future patches.

Additional chat functionality has been added along with “social”, “lfg” and “endgame” channels with UI to control them. More chat upgrades will appear in the future.

Keybinding can now be reverted to default settings.

You can now map mouse buttons 3-6 to various game functions.

The daily terminals will now tell you if you can earn a cosmic shard by completing them. (This still needs testing before going to live server).

Performance Upgrades

Many areas of the game have performance improvements. Some are very significant and noticeable and some are minor. More details will be added in a future set of notes.

Gameplay Changes

Damage-over-time powers can now critical hit.

New Pets

A new silver Ultron pet has been added to the store. Avengers Assemble!

A new crafter summon item has been added to the store. This is a permanent summon item that allows you to summon a crafter every hour.


Eternity Splinters now drop at an extremely high rate for test center. Live drop rate will be lower, but this should help test the vendor much faster.

Adam Warlock appears beside Gambit in each hub, selling Heroes and Retcon potions for Eternity Splinters. Many more items will be added to Adam Warlock over time. Look for a forum thread asking for suggestions from you on what should be added.

Adam Warlock also sells a random hero box that could contain any hero, with a slight rarity curve based on which tier of hero it is (i.e. 600 Splinter Heroes appear slightly less, 200 Splinter heroes appear slightly more). We aren’t sure if we are going to put this into the game and we would like your feedback on it.

Many crafting elements are stackable up to 10.

We are experimenting with some gear number changes to increase the impact of gear at higher levels. This will require tuning. Basically higher-level gear will be more impactful to your damage and defense.

Darkhold Scroll gives bonus damage to ‘taunted’ enemies.

Experience orbs from bosses last longer so they won’t disappear during cutscenes.

Mandarin Medal tooltips clarified. Several other tooltips rewritten or clarified. We will keep iterating on this when players report confusion about exactly what an item does.

Medal sell price is now higher, as intended.

The Bovine Sector recipe can be sold for 5,000 credits, so players have something to do with it when they find a second one.

To ensure you don’t accidentally donate a recipe, there is a confirmation pop-up.

Six costumes have very minor name changes to conform with Marvel lore.

The ‘Mystery Eggs’ have hatched into gift boxes. They will hatch into a Starter Hero you don’t own, or a Fortune Card if you have unlocked all of the heroes. Note, whatever your egg produces on the Test Server may not be the same for the Live game – it’s a random choice.

Unstable molecules go into crafting S.T.A.S.H. tabs now. Testing will be required to confirm this on edge-cases.

Costume Cores

All costume cores now have either 25% item rarity boost or 20% special item find, in addition to other bonuses.

We realize most players prefer one of those bonuses, so we added those to every core in addition to other bonuses so players could personalize their heroes better.

All cores will have 0-2 additional bonuses in addition to item rarity boost or special item find. New bonuses have been added to cores, which you will discover.

Existing cores are unchanged.


Many small and medium sized changes to missions in various chapters. Too many to list, but should continue to make the new player experience smoother and more fun.

New Zone Content

A few new mob types have been added in the world. In addition Poison Cloud and Missile Shield may be present on enemies. With the latter, missile users will need to enter within approximately half screen range in order to damage the enemy.

The following zone content has been added by the world team. Most of these were slated for launch but didn’t make it in.

  • CH1: “Symbiote Infestation” side mission in Crumbling Brownstones
  • CH3: “Demonic Incursion” event in the Bamboo Forest
  • CH7: “Dinosaur Graveyard” Treasure room in the Dinosaur Jungle (new extra large TR format)
  • CH7: “Sacred Valley” Treasure room in the Dinosaur Jungle (new extra large TR format)


New PvP modes are in progress, but not in this test release. The new “Fire and Ice” themed PVP map is under heavy internal testing and development and will be released in August. It will be available on test center in a few weeks. Other modes are in various stages of development.

Limbo Completely Revamped – New Zone Added

Enter Manhattan to keep the city safe. More detailed notes on this new mode are forthcoming.


  • Patrol Manhattan to fight crime, save civilians and keep the city safe.
  • Available for all levels of players.
  • New super villain groups attack the city periodically and must be shut down.
  • No time limit, no “threat” meter. Everything is challenging, but manageable with the right gear and tactics.


Hero upgrades happen every day; MANY upgrades will appear on test server in the next week but will not be captured in these patch notes.


Wolverine has been improved. Damage on powers is increased instead of relying on the power damage synergy system; damage synergies have been wiped out and replaced with higher base values across the board. We’ll be monitoring this shift closely to see if it has the desired effect of making Wolverine more interesting to build without really shifting his overall power level.

Even with the new Critical Hit proc direction, the AoE Basic Power Hack ‘n’ Slash wasn’t really hitting an appealing niche, so we’re remaking it as a Basic Power that generates bonus Fury on hit/crit.

We’re narrowing the attack speed gap between Quick Slash and Wolverine’s other Basic powers by speeding Bloody Slash and Hack ‘n’ Slash up (Quick Slash will remain the fastest option).

Adamantium Skeleton now unlocks at level 20, features higher Physical and Energy resistance, and increases Tenacity against all negative status effects instead of just forced movement.

The missile defense component on Feral Senses didn’t really accomplish the goal of pairing minimap radar with something that impacts Wolverine builds, so we’re replacing that aspect of the power with a scaling Crit Chance bonus and making it unlock at level 8.

Wolverine’s bleed effects should now tick every half second instead of every second for smoother damage delivery.

Adrenaline Rush is now a toggled effect that reserves a portion of your Spirit and can be left on indefinitely, buffs have been retuned to scale more smoothly across ranks to fit the new behavior.

Regeneration Boost is getting a slight decrease in cost and increase to the amount healed.

Cage The Beast should no longer be usable when Spirit is already full.


Hulk’s hit points increased by 20%.

Like all heroes, Hulk is training in the danger room and will emerge better, faster and stronger in the near future.

Character Sheet and Damage Rating

A few new stats have been added to the character sheet. We are looking to iterate on this and ensure that it is easy to understand.

Players were sometimes confused when the equipped an item with +10 damage and didn’t get +10 damage on every power. This is because every power has a damage rating multiplier, this multiplies the damage rating stat which now shows up on the character sheet.

We are going to add Damage Rating Multiplier to each powers tooltip at some point in the future.

Autofire powers, particularly, get less Damage per shot because they have a low Damage Rating Multiplier while Hulk’s Punch gets full value from Damage Rating.

This does not change any powers or items, it is simply a presentation change.

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