TechGadgetsReview of Gunnar MLG Phantom Advanced Computer Eyewear

Review of Gunnar MLG Phantom Advanced Computer Eyewear


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As I’m sure  many others have, I’ve always been sceptical of Gunnar eyewear. So far my long gaming sessions don’t seem to have caused too much trouble as far as my eye sight is concerned. Gunnar Optics claim to make it easier spot enemies in game, with less strain on your eyes.

When first putting on the Gunnars they feel a little flimsy. They seem to be made from reasonable high quality materials but they just feel a little thin, especially for the price. They’re supposedly thin to accommodate a headset, which they do, but a by-product of this is an expensive product that feels a little cheap considering its price.

However, they are very comfortable especially considering they haven’t been fitted for my head in any way. Gaming for a good few hours in the Gunnars isn’t a problem even with a large headset on. I didn’t notice any particular strain on my eyes after wearing the Gunnars. But then I am (as I’m sure many of you are) fairly used to eye-bleedingly long gaming sessions. Reduced headaches is always a good thing though.


Games through the yellow tinted spectacles look quite similar to their original state but, unsurprisingly, with a slight yellow hue. Objects are more pronounced and stand out a little more against their respective backdrops. The trade off is potentially improved performance instead of an accurate colour pallet. For the hard-core among us this will probably not be a problem, especially when it comes to competitive online play, but for most users accurate colours might be the preference.

Whilst the Gunnars can potentially improve performance it’s not like putting Iron Man’s mask on with enemies nicely targeted and tracked. I doubt anybody is surprised by this shocking revelation but it’s worth pointing out that the performance increase is marginal. For those hard-core enough to use the Gunnars and notice a difference I’m not sure they’d be entirely necessary. As such the Gunanrs do seem like a bit of a style product. The main cost of the specs seems to come from the MLG endorsement and logo. And admittedly they do look pretty cool.

The Gunnars do what they say on the tin and there is definitely a noticeable difference when wearing them. However, I don’t think it’s as useful as suggested. Gaming performance isn’t increased as much as they claim and the main focus is definitely oriented on protecting your eyes from bright harmful light. I’m sure the guys from the MLG would complain and argue with me but truth be told, most of us aren’t in the MLG. And they probably don’t need to pay for theirs anyway. A good product but a bit expensive for what they are.


Phill has been the director of a small IT repair business since 2011 which he runs alongside studying for his degree in Information and Communication Technologies at the Open University. Video games are his real passion and they take up more of his time than he'd like to admit.


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