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Soul Sacrifice Gets Update for New and Free DLC Out Today


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Sony has released a new update for Soul Sacrifice in preparation for the new and free DLC which will arrive today.
Soul Sacrifice Vita
The new DLC brings with it new quests, new bosses, a new map and even new social media features.
In order to gain access to this content you’ll need to update your game via your PS Vita and then head over to the PS Store to download the content.

Players will need to update the game from LiveArea and then visit the PlayStation Store to download unlock keys for the new content, which is detailed in full below (via the PS Blog).
Here’s what’s new:

New quests:
Eight new quests will be added upon using the unlock key. To play the quests, go to Mad Chronicle > Inside Avalon > Avalon Pacts > Forgotten Pact > Hour of Amber (game progress required). In these new quests, you will see two new boss characters called Dullahan and Behemoth and a new map called Caverns of Goliath.
About Dullahan: There was once a knight whose name was known the world over… But it was not his abilities that had made him famous. Indeed, he was viewed with curiosity, not respect. Many thought him downright unsettling; it was the way in which he did battle. While most warriors took pleasure in striking their enemies and avoiding their blows, this knight was the exact opposite. Apparently he would howl with joy whenever struck, and his face would twist with satisfaction…
About Behemoth: In a quiet town, a young boy lived together with his parents. He had always had a big appetite, even since he was an infant. Above all, apples were his favourite. Any day he had an apple at hand was a happy day to him. And his parents, knowing this, had an easy time raising him. Though they spoiled him in his infancy, there came a day when even his parents refused his demands for apples. The tantrum he threw was frightening. By that point, he was massively obese, easily weighing as much as three grown men. To say the thrashings of a boy that size were beyond his parents’ handling is an understatement…
New map: Caverns of Goliath: You’re basically inside the body of a soldier who turned into a giant. The digestive fluid is always being secreted, so you constantly lose your HP just being there. The battle against Dullahan there will be quite challenging!
New Black Rite: Berserker: Download the free unlock key from PlayStation Store to add Berserker as your new Black Rite. Offer your brain to unleash its potential. The price for using this Black Rite will be to have redacted info on equipped Offerings. So you will not be able to see what Offerings you’ve set on each button.
Posting to Twitter and Facebook: You can post your play information – such as the number of sacrifices/saves, or the status of your right arm – to Twitter/Facebook once a day. You will gain lacrima by sharing your stats with your friends!
Discovery Pact (AR cards required): Use AR cards to summon your character and collect numerous “memories.” These memories are revealed using Mind’s Eye, and can be collected simply by touching them. After one memory has been collected, others become harder to find for a time. Memories can be exchanged for lacrima once collected. I recommend doing this mini-game if you use Black Rites often in the game to undo the price!
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