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Far Cry 3 Update Coming Soon Adding Master Difficulty, Multiplayer Fixes


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Ubisoft has announced a number of new features in the works for Far Cry 3 in upcoming updates.

For the single-player campaign, a new Master difficulty setting  will be available, offering a greater challenge through more aggressive enemy AI and wildlife. Ubisoft has not specified whether Master difficulty will be  available immediately after the update or if players will need to complete the game on one of the prior difficulties first.

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The single-player campaign will also add the option to reset all outposts,  allowing players to recapture outposts after completing the game. The option  will only be available to users who have finished the game and captured all  outposts, and will hide all incomplete side-quests until their associated  outpost has been recaptured.

For multiplayer, Ubisoft has added a feedback system for custom maps, letting users give feedback directly to map makers like whether a map is too big or small, or does not have enough  cover.

There will also be an option to beta test custom maps, allowing  map creators to spectate over matches and see how other users are playing on their maps.

Other fixes include an option to search for new maps based on  author, disabling the timer to kick idle players from private and custom matches  and revised voting to skip maps in multiplayer.

Ubisoft did not specify when this updates will arrive, nor for which versions of the game will get the update.

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