TechPhonesTwo Minute Review: iCrado Pro Stand for Galaxy S3

Two Minute Review: iCrado Pro Stand for Galaxy S3


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Konnet sent by a USB charging cradle for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to review; here is our evaluation!


Konnet sent by a USB charging cradle for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to review.  The iCrado Pro is a charging cradle, intended for Samsung’s Galaxy S line as well as the Note line, that holds your device while it is charging via USB.  Here is how Konnet describes their product:

The Samsung Galaxy is a thing of beauty. With this in mind, we designed iCrado to extend the elegance of the Samsung Galaxy while docking. A contemporary design and smart yet simple features allow you to charge, sync and dock with minimal effort. An extra wide opening provides easy access to charging the Samsung Galaxy with or without a protective case. iCrado’s advanced sound reflection enhances the Samsung Galaxy audio quality and mic reception for crystal clear hands-free listening. Available in a variety of beautiful and bold brushed metallic colors. A KONNET Signature Design.

iCrado Pro for the Samsung Galaxy SIII / SII / Note

Stylish Metallic Stand for the Samsung Galaxy SIII / SII / Note


●Unique design enables docking, charging and syncing of Samsung Galaxy smartphones without removing protective case

●Curved design naturally projects speakers for excellent music or speaker-phone audio performance

●Includes charge and sync cable

●Available in a Black and Silver

Included Inside:

  • iCrado Dock x 1
  • Charge & Sync USB Cable x 1


  • Samsung Galaxy SIII / SII / Note / Note II


  • Silver (KN-8327)
  • Black (KN-8328)

SRP: $29.99

Konnet sent us a silver cradle to test with the Galaxy S3.  Does it meet the test?  Let’s find out.


The all-metal stand looks great, and compliments your Galaxy S3 well.  The stand is stamped from aluminum and sits well on the table.  However, to avoid marring the surface of your desk, it requires two clear plastic feet that attach to the stand, and these came off every time that I transported the cradle in my briefcase.  These will get lost eventually; I’d prefer something permanently attached to the stand.


I noted no real impact on audio sound using this stand.  As it charges only via USB, it charges more slowly than the standard charger/stand combination sold by Samsung, but that is a function of it being a USB-only charger.  The Galaxy S3 fits on the charger, but there is plenty of side-to-side motion that can happen; the phone does not feel overly secure on the stand.  In addition, the charger itself came out of the stand multiple times.  While it snapped right back in, I am not sure how durable this solution would be; the charger should not come out of the base at all.

Overall Value

This charger MSRP is about $30.  The Samsung stand, which includes a line-out connector for playing audio back to a stereo and magnets for triggering the in-charger dashboard, is priced at about the same price on Amazon.Com, is built better and transports more effectively.  The removable feet seemed like an afterthought, and something permanently attached is more attractive if the device will be transported.  Durability is questionable; snapping the charger connector back into the stand will likely take its toll in the long run.

If you have your heart set on an all-metal stand, this product fits the bill and is reasonably priced.  I give this product a 3/5 rating and the Bronze Award.


Konnet iCrado Pro Product Page Buy It on Amazon Here
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Jim McCarthy
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