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My Movies for Windows Media Center and Collection Management for Windows 4.05 PR3 released


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Brian has just released My Movies for Windows Media Center and Collection Management for Windows version 4.05 PR3.


My Movies for Windows Media Center and
My Movies Collection Management for Windows 4.05 Pre Release 3

  • Change: Mede8er about page is now stored in 1080P for higher quality.
  • Change: The software now directly updates the Mede8er database, meaning that a scan on the device is no longer needed.
  • Change: Better media info for BDMV folders.
  • Update: Added 48 Hz as option for 24P in automatic refresh rate changing.
  • Fix: Collection sync now works with information regarding if a episode is belonging to a disc or not.
  • Fix: Calls to update online collection has been updated to work with the new “server” controlled episode management.
  • Fix: The data service API did not work correct on Collection Management installations.
  • Fix: Minor issue with logging of connection open and closes.
  • Fix: Prevent installation on machines with same username as machine name. This will give SQL Server install error.
  • Fix: TV Series did not sort by sort title.
  • Fix: SQL Server install exit code 3010 indicating a reboot required came up as an error message.
  • Fix: Increased timeout when uploading user collection.
Download My Movies 4.05 PR3 now Check out our review of My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.0 Pre Release 7
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