GamingIs 'Redguard' the next 'Skyrim' DLC

Is ‘Redguard’ the next ‘Skyrim’ DLC


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The next DLC expansion for Skyrim could be titled ‘Redguard’, it has  been rumored.

Zenimax, the publisher that owns Bethesda Softworks,  filed a trademark for the title Redguard back in March 2011.


The trademark is making news now because it will expire in February 2013, if  Zenimax does not declare a use for the title. With an impending expiration,  rumours began circling that it will be announced as the title for Skyrim‘s next expansion.

However, Zenimax also has the option to  file for another trademark extension. The firm has already done so twice since  the trademark was originally filed, most recently in August  2012.

Redguard is one of the races in the Elder Scrolls series which come from Hammerfell, one of the nations bordering Skyrim.

With the  ‘Dragonborn’ expansion taking players into the bordering nation of Morrowind, it  would make sense for the next expansion to take place in one of the other  nations on Skyrim’s borders.

Of particular note is the city of Dragonstar  in Hammerfell which, according to Elder Scrolls lore, has been a site  of conflict between the nations of Skyrim and Hammerfell.

The trademark  is not the first time the series would use ‘Redguard’ in its title. In 1998 a  third-person spin-off of the series was released titled The Elder Scrolls  Adventures: Redguard.

Skyrim‘s ‘Dragonborn’ DLC released  last month on Xbox 360, and will be available later in 2013 on PS3 and PC.


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