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A preview of the Pure Avalon 300R Connect Freeview+ HD digital TV recorder


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Pure are known for their music players and digital radios, well now they are entering the digital TV set-top-box market with the Pure Avalon 300R Connect.

Set Top Box

Watch live: No subscription is required, giving Avalon users free access to four HD channels from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 plus over 50 SD channels. Users can also pause and rewind live TV for up to two hours and are prompted whenever there is an HD version of their chosen programme. Innovative use of ‘Picture in Picture’ allows the user to continue watching one programme whilst previewing other channels to see what else is on or coming up.

Record: TV recording is a top priority for many consumers, so Avalon is available with either 500GB for casual recording or 1TB hard drive to suit even the most ardent TV fan. The 1TB version allows up to 600 hours of SD, or 250 hours of HD, video recording. Two channels can be recorded simultaneously thanks to Avalon’s dual tuners and programmes can be recorded instantly or a whole series can be recorded using the 8-day Electronic Programme Guide.

A state-of-the art, recommendation engine offers up HD equivalents where available, to ensure the user is recording the best possible quality at all times. Avalon even prompts users when similar content is available for recording.

Watch and listen on-demand: Avalon comes with built-in, high-performance Wi-Fi making it easy to access a growing range of on-demand services. Services available at launch include the latest versions of BBC iPlayer and YouTube plus Pure Connect, Pure’s gateway to a world of listening.

The implementation of BBC iPlayer, which allows the user to catch up with a week or more of BBC programming, uses HTML 5 for the most advanced, ‘lean-back’ viewing experience. Avalon users can also quickly and easily browse the latest videos and clips on YouTube, which is also based on HTML 5.

Pure Connect brings an entire world of audio entertainment to the user including tens of thousands of internet radio stations, thousands of on-demand radio programmes, podcasts and ambient sounds.

Video or audio content can be streamed to Avalon via a network storage device or a uPnP capable device and content can also be played back via the USB slots on the front and back of the box.

Personalisation: Avalon users can personalise their viewing in a number of ways including setting a list of favourite channels and choosing from a range of page transitions when changing channels including effects such as page peel, water ripple, dissolve or a random effect can be selected. Avalon can also be used to view photo slideshows.

Avalon is designed to be an entertainment hub and is the only set top box on the market to come with four HDMI inputs, which allows the user to simplify their TV inputs and plug in other devices such as multiple games consoles, PCs, video cameras, DVD players and Blu-ray players. These devices are then easily accessed via Avalon’s main menu and can be renamed to suit.

Audio: Avalon supports Dolby Digital Plus, providing up to 7.1 channels of audio from supported Freeview, USB or networked content, giving the user a truly immersive surround sound listening experience.

CDW - A closer look at the Pure Avalon 300R Connect - 2 CDW - A closer look at the Pure Avalon 300R Connect - 3CDW - A closer look at the Pure Avalon 300R Connect - 4 CDW - A closer look at the Pure Avalon 300R Connect - 5CDW - A closer look at the Pure Avalon 300R Connect - 6 CDW - A closer look at the Pure Avalon 300R Connect - 9CDW - A closer look at the Pure Avalon 300R Connect - 10 CDW - A closer look at the Pure Avalon 300R Connect - 11

This is what the interface looks like:

 Avalon_UIScreen_iplayer_Lion Avalon_UIScreen_Main_Menu_FreeviewAvalon_UIScreen_Main_Menu_PureConnect  

Having seen it in action I have to say I rather like it. The menu is clear and concise, the movement between options is smooth and it works well. And I really like the four HDMI inputs!

The Pure Avalon 300R Connect 1TB (£349.99) and 500GB (£299.99) versions will be available in October and we should have a full review soon.

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Andrew Edney
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