TechMicrosoftISCSI Setup Series Part Two: Server 2012 Essentials Configuration

ISCSI Setup Series Part Two: Server 2012 Essentials Configuration


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In Part Two of my ISCSI Setup Series, I show you how to set up an ISCSI storage source and put it to good use in Server 2012 Essentials.  Read on for details.


In Part One of the ISCSI Setup Series, I showed you how to set up an ISCSI target in QNAP’s TurboNAS 3.7.  In Part Two, I show you how to configure and use that target in Server 2012 Essentials.

Hardware Used

I have a QNAP TS-419 P II NAS unit connected via ethernet to my home network. The QNAP is running TurboNAS 3.7 and is using 8TB of drives in a RAID5 configuration. I also have an HP HPE490t Elite desktop, with a motherboard that supports virtualization. I have activated the virtualization option in the HP’s BIOS. Windows 7 and WIndows 8 Consumer Preview are both loaded in a dual-boot configuration.  Hyper-V is loaded on the Windows 8 OS and Server 2012 Essentials is loaded inside Hyper-V as a virtual machine.

Setup on Server 2012 Essentials

Get the settings charm to come up, right click on Settings and then click on Control Panel.


Choose System and Security.  Click on Administrative Tools.


Choose iSCSI Initiator.


Since we skipped CHAP authentication, we’ll just use Quick Connect. Put in the IP information for the QNAP unit and click Quick Connect. The target that we created on the QNAP appears. Select it and click Done.


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