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Pure Sensia 200D Connect: hands-on and pictures


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We told you that Pure had announced their new touchscreen wireless music and radio system, the Sensia 200D Connect. We got some hands-on and ears-on time with it.

CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 5

There is both a black and a white version of the Sensia 200D Connect:

CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 1 CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 2

And each has their own colour coordinated remote control:

CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 24 CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 4

Apart from the remote control, there are a few buttons on the top of the 200D:

CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 7

There is a beautiful and clear 5.7” colour touchscreen display, which is incredibly responsive.

CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 10 CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 17CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 18 CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 23

The sound quality is excellent (even in a noisy and busy room) so we can only guess how much better it will be in the home. Delivering 30 watts of clear digital sound via DSP tuned high efficiency class-D amplifiers and in-house custom designed full-range speakers, and you can really hear just how well they work.

CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 28

You can also connect a USB device to the back of the 200D for both instant and timed recordings, which is a really useful function.

CDW - Pure Sensia 200D Connect - 32

It also works really well with the new Pure Stream music service.

We were lucky enough to take one away with us, so expect a full hands, and ears-on review shortly.

Sensia 200D Connect is available now at just £249.99 (SRP) from all good retailers. For more information, please visit or

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