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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters from Electronic Arts now on PS3


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This week, the tight level design and vertical gameplay of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters comes to the PS3, followed by its release next week on Xbox 360 and PC.


Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is a themed expansion pack bringing the team play of Battlefield 3 to tight indoor environments. The frantic close quarters infantry combat showcases the wide spectrum of battles that only Battlefield 3 can deliver, from huge open environments to intimate indoor gunplay. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is amplified by unprecedented high definition destruction, new ways to play, added persistence, and new weapons including the ACW-R carbine, the M417 sniper rifle, the L86LSW machine gun and the M5K tactical machine pistol.

Creating a highly competitive and deadly environment, Close Quarters is a themed expansion packs that features enhanced destruction, letting players riddle the environment with bullets to reduce entire locales to rubble. Everything from furniture to plaster can be shot to pieces, and players can see the result of the mayhem as rubble and debris pile up on the floor around them.

Key features in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters includes:

  • 10 new Assignments
  • 5 unique dog tags
  • 10 new weapons to use on all Battlefield 3maps including:
    1. AUG Assault Rifle
    2. SCAR Assault Rifle
    3. ACW-R Carbine
    4. MTAR-21 Carbine
    5. M417 Sniper Rifle
    6. JNG-90 Sniper Rifle
    7. L86LSW Machine Gun
    8. LSAT Machine Gun
    9. M5K Tactical Machine Pistol
    10. SPAS-12 Shotgun

Battlefield-3---Close-Quarters---Zib[3] Battlefield-3---Close-Quarters---Zib[6]Battlefield-3---Close-Quarters---Zib[7] Battlefield-3---Close-Quarters---Zib[9]

This expansion pack costs $14.99 for the Playstation 3 and PC download, and 1200 MS Points for the Xbox 360.

I really enjoyed playing the game, and I can’t wait to play some more!

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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