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AVerMedia Announces New TV Recording Box


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AVerMedia announces a new TV recording box, with ability to output signal to a VGA or RCA jack.  Read on for details.


AVerMedia announced a new TV recording device with output options of VGA and RCA jacks.  It can’t do HDMI and requires external USB hard drives to record to, but supports scheduled recordings and can power on and off when scheduled.

Here is some background on AVerMedia:

About AVerMedia

AVerMedia is a major global player in designing, manufacturing and marketing multimedia, Internet TV and consumer electronic product. AVerMedia’s ideal has always been – adopting the advanced technology incorporated with concepts of environmental protection, ergonomics and user’s behavior to develop innovative and high-quality products worldwide at affordable prices.

Founded in 1990, AVerMedia became a public company in 2000. In the early stage, AVerMedia devoted itself to researching and developing the digital video technology. Its AVerTV PC-based TV tuner series has gradually won a leading place in the computer market. From there, AVerMedia started to expand its product lines to built-in TV tuner modules for notebook computers, Internet TV, and consumer electronic product.

AVerMedia’s headquarters is located in Chung-Ho district, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Besides Taiwan, it has strategically set up offices in the USA, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Thailand, Japan and China, etc. AVerMedia distributes its products worldwide through the channels of national distributors, retailers, value-added resellers and ODM clients. It also has formed a strong alliance with many major distributors, such as Ingram Micro and D&H. ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, as well as a RoHS compliant manufacturer, AVerMedia not only ensures high quality products, but also abides by the latest “green manufacturing” standards. With world-class talents, high technology, advanced auto-manufacturing, and quality control facilities, AVerMedia is proud to be able to meet ODM customers’ strict requirement and a great deals of orders.

AVerMedia is committed to enriching entertainment experiences and promoting effective communication among people. We strive to be a corporation dedicated to serving society, and we stick to the operating concepts: being down-to-earth, creating value, dedicating ourselves, and serving people. For us, serving people, dedicated to society, and loving the earth is an important social responsibility. We not only follow the green manufacturing standard, but also take action to protect the environment, care for education, and participate in charities to practice these core concepts.

Now the announcement:

AVerMedia Announced the Standalone TV Recording Box Used with TV Set or PC Monitor

Taipei, Taiwan—June 4 ,2012

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the preeminent name in digital multimedia technology, today announced the availability of the AVerTV Box PVR, a standalone TV recording box used with TV set or PC monitor. The AVerTV Box PVR features direct file recording to USB hard drives directly, scheduled recording and TimeShift, which provide consumers the most convenient way to enjoy TV programs at any time. What’s more, it is equipped with 3D Y/C separation technology that ensures the superior video quality. Besides TV recording, it can also be used to preserve your favorite video from various external source devices. With the advantages of ease of operations, high video quality and multi-use capability, the AVerTV Box PVR is the ideal and cost-effective solution for TV and video enthusiasts.

The hardware and function design of the AVerTV Box PVR satisfies all the demands for live TV recording. Its inputs of TV antenna and composite video allow users to capture analog cable TV, as well as TV content from satellite/cable TV set-up-box. Due to its compatibility of both TV set and PC monitor, the product stands out from general TV boxes for PCTV to bring this delightful TV experiences to the living room. With only one press, the AVerTV Box PVR records your favorite variety shows, drama series, football games, and sitcoms to an external USB hard drive. Moreover, the device provides multiple recording options to ensure your ultimate TV entertainment. Besides real-time recording while watching TV programs, it is capable of cyclic scheduled recording with auto power on and off, which means capturing the whole TV series with one-time setting to save your trouble and electricity expense when you are away from home. Even better, its TimeShift function enables pause, fast-forward and rewind live TV clips so that no prime moments will be missed because of any sudden interruption, and those breath-taken moments can be re-played. What’s more valued, the AVerTV Box PVR adopts the NEC chipset with advanced 3D Y/C separation technology, which helps to present higher video quality from analog TV signal due to the powerful noise reduction and color separation capabilities.

Except TV-related functions, the AVerTV Box PVR also allows video recording from camcorder, DVD player and game console. This feature makes it a convenient tool for digitizing piles of old VHS tapes. Moreover, the composite input and output work together to present you real-time gameplay experience while recording in background.

Here is a photo of the product.

AVerMedia AVerTV

I have to admit that the lack of HDMI out and the requirement of an external hard drive make this relatively uninteresting, but if priced correctly, it could be useful in converting old VHS tapes and the like.  Pricing is not currently available.

AVer TV Annoucement
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