TechAppleAn afternoon playing APPGEAR games with Jason Bradbury

An afternoon playing APPGEAR games with Jason Bradbury


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Foam Fighters

CDW - APPGEAR demo day with Jason Bradbury - 38

Take to the skies with WWII fighter planes for immersive aerial combat. Strap in for fast-paced action and wing your way to victory over the Pacific, Britain or Europe.

Amplified Reality

These collectible, detailed foam airplanes can fly in the real world and unlock missions in the digital world when attached to an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android smartphone. Simply scan the wings of the plane through your smart device camera, then when attached the plane flies, fights and takes digital damage.


Each mobile application game includes 2 planes;
FOAM FIGHTERS PACIFIC: Black Sheep & Showgun
FOAM FIGHTERS EUROPE Screaming Eagle & The Wolf.
There are six Foam Fighter planes to collect that each unlocks a different campaign based on historical battles. Play as either Axis or Allied forces.

CDW - APPGEAR demo day with Jason Bradbury - 46 CDW - APPGEAR demo day with Jason Bradbury - 47CDW - APPGEAR demo day with Jason Bradbury - 48 CDW - APPGEAR demo day with Jason Bradbury - 50


Missions include Dog Fights, Bombing Runs, Landing and Refuelling, Formation Flying, and Escorting Units.


Earn points to upgrade your fighter planes with different guns and bombs.

Multiplayer Mode

Battle friends over local Wi-Fi and see who can dominate the skies.

The price for each one is £9.99.

CDW - APPGEAR demo day with Jason Bradbury - 34 CDW - APPGEAR demo day with Jason Bradbury - 63

Future Games

I was also shown two other games that are out in July, Elite CommandAR and Alien Jailbreak.

Elite CommandAR is an immersive first-person shooter that brings digital gaming into the real world with action-filled AR game play. It uses a physical toy pistol, with various settings and options that you slot your device into.

We played a few levels and it is rather addictive.

The other new game, Alien Jailbreak uses your device as a pair of binoculars in order to patrol the prison for attempted escapees. The prison is a physical object you place on a surface (Jason is holding it in the picture below) and then point the devices camera at it in order to generate the world around it. You can also add other physical pieces to assist you in the game. Again, this was rather run to play.

CDW - APPGEAR demo day with Jason Bradbury - 67

There are other exciting games coming out later in the year, including a Doctor Who based game along similar lines to Alien Jailbreak, so instead of an alien prison, you will have the Tardis, and there will be Daleks and even the Weeping Angels! Just whatever you don’t blink when playing it!

All in all I had a really enjoyable afternoon. Jason certainly enjoys his gaming as well! We fought humans together and we flew planes together. What more could you ask for – thanks Jason!

Oh, and the games are good too! The combination of software and a physical toy is very appealing and just adds to the enjoyment, and the price is low enough for pocket money!

Below is a short video we made:

Expect a full review of ZombieBurbz and Foam Fighters very soon.

APPGEAR is certainly a company to keep an eye on! Check out their website here.

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  1. i don’t get this amplified reality bs!

    come on, it’s remote controled toys for god sakes… been around for YEEEARS

    i can see this becoming a big hit in the future, but not if they’re only making simple games like these

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