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Unboxing the Raspberry Pi


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After waiting what seems like an eternity, our Raspberry Pi finally arrived today – and here we unbox it!

CDW - Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 009

It comes in a very small box!

CDW - Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 003

The box itself contains an antistatic bag containing the Pi.

CDW - Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 007 CDW - Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 010CDW - Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 011 CDW - Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 012CDW - Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 013 CDW - Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 014

And that all important CE mark!

CDW - Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 004 CDW - Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 015

There is no software in the box, but there is a link on the packaging that takes you to the Raspberry Pi group on the Element 14 community website.

Have you ordered one? Let us know if you get yours and what you do with it! Expect a lot more Raspberry Pi posts as we get to grips with it!

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Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. I’d like to know if
    1) Plex works great and is included in any of the ready to install builds
    2) Can you hookup a USB DVD drive? My dad wants to be able to play .AVI Dvix/Xvid files that were archived to many DVD-R’s

    The Roku seems like a good deal, but doesn’t support DVD drives.

  2. RS have done a much better job with their box. Tt’s bigger, sturdier and bears a very distinctive Raspberry Pi logo. It’s also foam lined. I think the element14 box is a bit of a let down to be honest, although I suppose at the end of the day it’s the contents that count. I also noticed that element14 used second class post, RS was next day delivery for about the same price I believe.

  3. Wow, congrats on getting your Pi finally. Im still trying to convince my parents to get me one, since i keep my system on almost the entire day, It not only effects the electricity bill, but also my hardware. They heat up or burn out. I’ve been thinking of using this as a media server. NAS, and also a media center. It would be great. I wonder how long can these things stay on, and if theres any way to cool it down? Since if i get one, it will be connected whenever my router is on 😀 I could also power it from the USB port of my router 😀

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