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WHS Add-in Update : LDisk for Windows Home Server version 3.0.1


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Intelisan’s Windows Home Server add-in LDisk has been updated to version 3.0.1.


LDisk Windows Home Server Add-In adds iSCSI Target Storage capability to your Windows Home Server. Using LDisk, you can create a single appliance to provide all your storage and backup needs.

– iSCSI Target Storage for Windows Home Server

– IP SAN (Storage Area Network)- Block transfer

– iSCSI SAN interface over Ethernet

– Snapshot with schedules, revert, and convert to volume

– Fully protected data using SAN Volume duplication

– Supports all Internal or external drives

– Drive Extender for WHS 2011

– Storage Expansion through iSCSI for WHS 2011


    1. XEN Server iSCSI support
    2. Cosmetics changes in NAS+SAN tab
    3. VMWare/ESX iSCSI support
    4. Ability to change Disk names using properties menu to help with disk identification
    5. More user friendly iSCSI Expansion tab menus
    6. Mouse over text corrections for tabs and pie chart
    7. Initiator status now shows part of the initiator name when connected or logged in.
    8. Ability to widen or shorten the columns of all the tabs
    9. Improved Initiator Connect-Disconnect popup appearance
    10. New Licensing method (Web based activation)
    11. Inquiry command passes volume name to initiator. Easier identification of iSCSI disks in Initiator
    12. Automatic daily Configuration Backup
    13. Block 1G-Stripe volume creation
    14. iSCSI Performance tuning related to Windows-7
    15. Automatic software update notification


Learn more from the Intelisan website

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