Storage & NASQNAP Updates TS-X19P II Series With USB 3.0

QNAP Updates TS-X19P II Series With USB 3.0


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QNAP has updated their TS-X19P II series of NAS units with USB 3.0.  Read on for details.


QNAP’s TS-119P II, 219P II and 419P II products have been updated to take USB 3.0 for higher-speed backup and data migration capabilities.  These units are in the QNAP SOHO and home customer segment and have up until now used USB 2.0 connections.

Here is what QNAP says about these units:


  • Superior performance 2.0 GHz CPU
  • Maximum of 16TB of raw storage 1
  • Maximum of 109 MB/s download and 75 MB/s upload 2
  • Extremely energy efficient

QNAP also updated the datasheet for SOHO and home units…check it out here.

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