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A Patch for Plex on the Google TV


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Today the guys over at Plex have posted about a patch for Plex on Google TV.


Here is what they posted:

To bring in 2012 we’ve got a couple announcements (below) and a stability patch.

The Patch

We’ve addressed a couple issues and added a couple little features to help make Plex a little nicer until enhanced HLS support arrives (more on that below):

NEW: zoom options using the zoom keys or ‘z’ cycles through: scale to fit and full screen.

FIX: Direct Play from secure remote server – so you can now access your friend’s shares on your Google TV.

FIX: don’t (yet) show channels on the home page if they absolutely require HLS.

FIX: give a sensible error message if the user attempts to play a video that requires HLS.

NEW: Alert the user if they go into “More Channels” but they don’t have HLS support.

FIX: an issue where connections were sticking.

FIX: an issue where video was improperly resized after seek/scrub on some devices.

FIX: Artist appears again in Notifications as music plays.

NEW: If no channels are installed there is now a button allow you to install them from home page.

Coming Soon – Enhanced HLS Support for Google TV

For many the Plex for Google TV release has been somewhat frustrating because it’s hard to know which items from your media library are supported on the platform and which are not. Some of the enhancements in this patch release will help with that the fact remains that you’ll have some media that doesn’t play. We’ve talked about the fact that when the Google TV supports enhanced HLS that Plex will be able support transcode and therefore will allow Plex for Google TV to play media it cannot support natively.

Unfortunately we’ve not been able to tell you if and when that will be… until now… So we are very happy to announce:

YES – Google IS working on enhanced HLS in a future update for Google TV. We’ve done early tests with the enhanced HLS for the patch and are happy to report that indeed it works great with Plex! Now – we’re not allowed to say when this will hit the streets – but it is coming!

What does this mean for you? Well – it will mean that you’ll be able to get all the Plex goodness that you’ve come to know and love. Plex for Google TV will be a full fledged Plex Client. Specifically with enhanced HLS the following will begin to work for you:

All video containers, codecs, formats that Plex supports will be streamable to your Google TV.

A much broader set of video channels will begin to work! All those that work on Plex for Android will work here on the Google TV.

Subtitles will work – so you can understand what they’re saying in those foreign flicks!

Audio Stream selection – will allow you to choose the audio track in cases when your video has multiple languages.

And one more thing…

As we announced here – we priced Plex for Google TV at $.99 for one week (normally $4.99). This was to ease the pain for those who bought our Plex for Android product solely to use on the Google TV and were then forced to move over to the new Plex for Google TV. Obviously we decided to keep Plex for Google TV at this price point and it will remain at that price point – for now.

So – it’s still less than a buck for all current and future Plex goodness on your Google TV!

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