Today saw the release of version 4..11 of the DVBLink TVSource product.


DVBLink TVSource v4.1.1

  • (Added) Interface for editing diseqc 1.2 commands
  • (Added) Signal overview page with strengh and quality indicators (ideal for setting up sat dish on the roof!)
  • (Added) Support for TBS 6991, 6992, 5680, 6928 and 5880 tuners
  • (Fixed) WinTV CI module stopped working with DVB-T tuners
  • (Fixed) AnySee E7 (sat/c/t) tuner does not decrypt channels using CI module
  • (Fixed) Retry on no signal setting does not work
  • (Fixed) WinTV Nova HD S2 and TBS 8920 tuners cannot tune S2 QPSK transponders

The new installers can be downloaded from the main page of their website